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The current article of RPC-001 is a rewrite of its original article. RPC-001's file has been rewritten to fit modern Authority RPC files.


Item #: RPC-0011

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-001 is to be kept in a secured vault in Site-001. The vault must be reinforced with steel and serveral cement layers. The avult of RPC-001 is to be surveilled at all times. Only level 5 personnel or higher are allowed to access the locker of RPC-001. No bullets are to be inside the drum of RPC-001. Use and/or loading of RPC-001 is permanently forbidden. Punishment for not adhering to these protocols will result in automatic Termination.

Description: RPC-001 is a Remington 1858 Revolver. RPC-001 cannot be damaged, as all attempts of breaking it yield no results. The marking of RPC-001 shows RPC-001 was made in the year 1871. When a bullet is shot via RPC-001, all knowledge contained in the target shot will be "transferred" to the shooter2.

Discovery: RPC-001 was found in the year 1871 in ███████████, UK. RPC-001 was found by an individual who claimed to have accidentally "moved someone's soul into him. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Experiment Logs:

Experiment # Shooter Target Result
Experiment 001-1 ██████████ Blank Wooden Slab Wooden Slab was shot. No anomalous effects occured.
Experiment 001-2 ██████████ A book containing various illustrations and paragraphs about Chemistry ██████████ claims that she has suddenly learned basic understanding of chemistry. When given a chemistry test, ██████████ managed to succeed the test with a high rating.
Experiment 001-3 D-0007 D-0007 D-0007 shot himself after he was convinced the bullet was a blank. No anomalous effects occured.
Experiment 001-4 D-1031 D-0012, who had previously shot an European History book with RPC-001 After shooting D-0012 in the head, D-1031 proceeded to have a mental breakdown. Interrogation of D-0031 showed that D-1031 claimed to have full knowledge of D-1012's traumatic childhood and death. D-0031 was also shown to have a basic knowledge of European History.
Experiment 001-5 D-0031 4 books containing various topics. D-0031 shot all 4 books and subsecuently shot himself.3
Experiment 001-6 ██████████ [DATA EXPUNGED] [DATA EXUNGED]

Addendum 001-1: Due to Experiment 001-6, the future mission of The RPC Authority is the containment and reversal of the effects of RPC-001-1.

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