RPC-001-1 (BJ45'S Proposal)


RPC-001-2, The Lawhat Allanhaya, after being shot.


Item #: RPC-001-1

Object Class: Omega

Containment Protocols: RPC-001-1 is currently uncontainable. All products of RPC-001-1 are to be contained, and destroyed if the need arises. Humanity and Normalcy are to be protected from the products of RPC-001-1. Research on products of RPC-001-1 is allowed and encouraged. RPC-001-2 is to be kept in the same vault as RPC-001.

Description: RPC-001-1 is a reality-altering entity, formerly Princess Mateev of Sofia. RPC-001-1 has the ability to alter reality, creating phenomena which do not follow the laws of physics, chemistry, time and/or biology. RPC-001-1 was created when RPC-001-1 shot The Lawhat Allanhaya1 (referred to as RPC-001-2) via RPC-001. This lead to RPC-001-1 to spasm, emit a temporary distortion in reality and disappear. After this event, various anomalies were found across Earth. All products of RPC-001-1 are to be labelled as RPC-002>.

Addendum 001-1: This message has been directed to any personnel promoted to Global Director Status:

To the new Global Director:

As a Global Director, you now have have access to all information The Authority possesses. Curiosity ensures, and the new Directors always ask "Well, how did we start?". The Authority started as a small English club in Yorkshire named "The Club of Authorities Regarding Enchanted Objects". A few aristocrats liked the idea of studying the occult and testing it on oblivious men. They travelled many miles in various directions collecting anything that looked out of the ordinary. Of course there were all a farce, except Occult Object 017, and that damned painting. The club house is destroyed now, which is tragic, not because of the history, just because I personally liked how it looked.

But, onto the main point, you're here to learn how it all happened, so back to the point. RPC-001 was a revolver we found in the same port city the club house was in. A man was running maniacally around the streets, claiming he had absorbed someone's soul by accident. He said the gun he used to kill some rival he had somehow "moved" his soul into him. The man was of course thrown into jail, but thanks to the Club's deep pockets, we managed to get the item from the Police Station's Storage. That item became Occult Object 017. Now, there was a Princess from Bulgaria that joined this club, acquaintance of a friend I had. She was a curious woman, very young. We always called her by her "normal" name, Aleksandra. She was of course intrigued by 001, and wanted to test it. We slowly but surely realized the quirks of the revolver. And tested it with The Lawhat Allanhaya, RPC-001-2.

We bought RPC-001-2 from some occultist deep within the deserts of The Emirate of Transjordan. The painting looked strange, like if you were staring at black void. It was very old, but in pristine conditions. The occultist told us its name and history. All of us believed him, he was extremely serious and sincere about it. That painting, it was true, magical evil. When Aleksandra shot that revolver at RPC-001-2, the whole composition of the painting twisted itself into the hole that was left. The hole wasn't a gunshot, it looked like a perfect circle of blackness. It was just a few seconds of silence that happened before Aleksandra fell onto the floor and spasmed. There was something in the air I can't describe, like transparet threads breaking. She suddenly disappeared, and we all knew that the Princess had learned something not fit for mortal eyes.

When I looked into the hole like many of my peers did, I saw objects and beings with all kinds of powers and magical creations. They were all coming from one place, in some way. It looked like Aleksandra, and I could see her eyes. Her eyes filled with pure white. Her whole body just breaking away into these objects. And then in those objects I saw the revolver, and I felt how it transpassed into the past and arrived at the hands of the man that claimed he had absorbed someone's soul. 001, was it's creator and product at the same time. I just couldn't think straight after that. Did this painting just create a time loop? Was this inevitable? Maybe that's why the painting is the first of it's kind. A paradox to create all paradoxes.

We were dumbfounded, but after some minutes we came back to reality. Thomas, one of the club's members, panicked about how RPC-001-2 needed to burn. We quickly lit a match and covered RPC-001-2 in oil to set it on fire, but it simply didn't burn, and then we realized nothing could break RPC-001-2 down. Me, the "Head" of this forsaken club, took this as an opportunity, the only excuse I had for my attempt at optimism was that "We could research it.". It was only a matter of time before we told the Royal House about our findings. A chain of event lead to another, and The Authority became what it is now.

I hope that with your arrival, you can help keeping this Defender of Humanity doing its job. My Rolden Life Extenders are going down now, and as I am being put down, I know that this message will be given to any new Directors. And that message will be repeated for the, hopefully, longest time. May the Global Directors save this planet.

-Sir Tobin Thurstan Thorley, Authority Head Administrator

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