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Item #: RPC-092

Object Class: Alpha Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-092 is to be kept empty of non-Authority personnel, including an area totaling 5 sq km surrounding it. Visual surveillance of RPC-092 must be maintained at all times. Should a new instance of RPC-092-2 be discovered, its location and time of discovery are to be immediately recorded and the instance is to be reported to Site Director Dr. Lawson for decommissioning.

Inactive instances are to be stored in alpha-class storage As of ██/4/██, decommissioned RPC-092-2 instances will be stored in beta-class humanoid containment, with surveillance maintained constantly from 12:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Description: RPC-092 is the town of ██████, located in the Republic of Belarus. Uninhabited since 19██ due to an outbreak of ██████ resulting in several deaths, RPC-092 has since been populated by statues, hereby designated RPC-092-2.

How RPC-092-2 instances are created is currently unknown, as no such process has been observed. However, they are known to appear most commonly as characters from Judeo-Christian mythology as well as national historical figures. Testing has shown the statues are composed of pure copper and heavily oxidized, resulting in their green coloration.

RPC-092’s anomalous effects manifest themselves every night at approximately 1:05 AM. For a duration ranging from 3 to 4 hours following, active RPC-092-2 instances1 become animate, and move among the town with no predictable patterns. RPC-092-2 instances, however, do not appear to have any higher cognitive abilities, responding to no stimulus other than moving around barriers. Inactive instances do not become animate at this time see addendum. Statues not created by RPC-092's effect do not become animate when brought within RPC-092.

Addendum: On ██/4/██, inactive RPC-092-2 instances, though several miles from RPC-092, became animate within storage, resulting in the loss of an estimated ██% of stored instances. As of today, all stored and planned to be stored RPC-092-2 instances are to be transferred to Site-56 for containment.

RPC-092 object class has been reclassified as Beta.

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