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Item #: RPC-226

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-226 is to be contained in a 15 by 15 meter room with 6 inch thick steel walls. RPC-226 is to be placed in the center of the room and left untouched unless in testing. In the case that testing is to occur two armed guards are to be stationed in the testing area to dispose of any instances of RPC-226-1 and RPC-226-2. If the guards are to be over run by the bodies the room is to be locked down and torched via wall mounted flame throwers.

Description: RPC-226 was found in ██████ near an old furniture factory shut down in ██/██/19██ due to many products coming from this company being both dangerous and possessing anomalous properties. At first glance RPC-226 appears to be a 3 by 1 meter tall door made from birch and white oak with many fine engravings at the front half of the door, but upon further inspection on both sides of the door a small steel plate can be found with a note etched into it. “Door for hollows do not enter” is found scratched onto the plate and any sort of life that enters through the door undergoes a quick transformation into one of two life entities.

The first is a short humanoid creature with steel blue skin, solid white eyes and a large hole fixated at the center of its stomach revealing a hollow inside. This is RPC-226-1 and bodies of RPC-226-1 appear to possess no hostile tendencies and can be dispatched rather quickly. The next possible body to come out of the door is RPC-226-2 a large four legged humanoid with dark grey skin, large tusks and like RPC-226-1 a large hole fixated in the center of their stomach revealing a hollow inside. Bodies of RPC-226-2 are highly aggressive and attack any life on site forcing it through the door to either make RPC-226-1 or RPC-226-2. If an body of RPC-226-1 is to be found by RPC-226-2 it will be killed swiftly by RPC-226-2 via tearing of the limbs.

Methods to eliminate the bodies have included burning, extreme head trauma, and dismemberment though burning is the safest and most effective methods. Methods to destroy the door have also been tested such as burning, acidic treatment, explosive force and simple dismantling, but none have proven effective in deteriorating the doors structural state. Testing is to be done monthly and personal with prolonged exposure to RPC-226 are to undergo psychic evaluation as a safety measure.

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