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Item #: RPC-251

Object Class: Alpha Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-251 is to be contained in a standard humanoid cell. Engineers and researchers are to inspect and study RPC-251 daily. All information gathered is to be sent to Site-122.

All instances of RPC-251 are to be neutralized, and brought to Site-086 for dismantling. Everything left will be sent to Site-122 for study.

To contain RPC-251, a deal with the Russian government has been made. In exchange for knowledge about and technology from RPC-251, they have given us several research grants, and agreed to capture all instances of RPC-251.

Description: RPC-251 is a humanoid automaton resembling a russian male in his 40s. RPC-251 claims to have been created by an unknown group, and was sent to Earth to research its life and resources.

RPC-251's inner workings appear to blend standard machinery with an unidentifiable type of organic [DATA EXPUNGED]. There is also a QR Code on RPC-251's back, that when scanned, translates to "Scout-772."

RPC-2511 refers to a group of androids capable of mimicking humans. The mechanics of RPC-251 are highly advanced, and are beyond anything even the Authority currently possesses. The creators of RPC-251, as far as we know, are from another dimension, and are either just studying us, or trying to get to our dimension.

Since Breach-251-001, there have been 2 more recorded instances of RPC-251. All of which have been recovered from Russia.

The following is a list of all technology made from dismantled instances of RPC-251.

Instance of RPC-251 Technology Studied Technology Gained
RPC-251-1 Hand Cannon2 "Charge-bolt Gun"
RPC-251-2 Memory Banks Knowledge about creators of RPC-251.3
RPC-251-3 Propulsion Rockets (Feet) "Rocket Boots"
RPC-251-3 Propulsion Rockets (Back) "Jetpack"

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