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Item #: RPC-294

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-294 is kept behind a reinforced glass door inside of a cave in ████, Italy. Said cave would appear to be the natural habitat of RPC-294, due to this, as of 06/01/20██, no containment breaches have been attempted. While RPC-294 is incredibly docile, and even somewhat friendly, due to its history of taking human lives, five ASF security officers are to be stationed in front of the glass door at all times. Shift changes are to occur every 12 hours. Every day at 12 PM, a group of three officers are to bring a sheep to the door. The middle officer is to lead the sheep into the cave, while the other officers are to keep their weapons raised at the opening whether RPC-294 is present or not.

Description: RPC-294 is a 2.5 meter tall humanoid covered with green scales. Its posture is reminiscent of an ape. The RPC has 1 meter long arms with talon-like protrusions from each end, the RPC has been noted to use these appendages to climb to high surfaces inside the cave.
What caught The Authority's attention was RPC-294's eating habits. According to local accounts dating back to 3/26/18██, RPC-294 would leave its cave and prowl around nearby villages for food. After villagers discovered the creature's feeding schedule, and responding by instituting curfews, RPC-294 revealed its more anomalous nature. Although Authority researcher's haven't discovered how, RPC-294 would mimic the face and voice of its last victims to attempt to lure villagers to windows, and then using its long talon ladened arms, it would drag its next victim from their homes to feed on. Since RPC-294 has been contained, researchers have attempted to learn more about its mimicry abilities, but RPC-294 has remained incredibly vague in its description, simply saying that he "joins" them.
In containment, RPC-294 has had a myriad of conversations with both Authority officers and researchers. During a conversation about its mimicry abilities, the RPC shifted its elongated "Avian" face into one of a bearded man of about 45. RPC-294 explained that it was the face of its last human victim before containment. When surprised researchers asked why it hadn't morphed into a sheep's head, 294 explained that it always has been able to only mimic humans.

Interviewed: Officer ████

Interviewer: Dr. ██

Foreword: Taken directly from audio logs of an interview between an Authority researcher and an Italian ASF officer, recorded on 04/07/19██, 7 days after 294's containment.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██: [Translated from Italian to English] Okay, I turned on the recorder, could you please recount your point of view of the containment?

ASF Officer: [Translated from Italian to English] Well, I wasn't a part of the group that first entered the cave, but I was brought in to protect construction workers during the installation of the glass. We had been at the mouth of the cave since 7 AM without incident, but around noon, the monster finally showed up. I wasn't the first to see it, Officer ████ was, there was no discussion, the second it came into view, he began firing, and the other 4 officers followed. The monster evaded our fire by using its long arms to grab onto the roof of the cave, and let out a roar, which contrasted with its human face, was absolutely terrifying. Dr. Valtano rushed to us and demanded we stop shooting. He sent four of us away, and only kept Officer ████ with him. As we began walking down the hill to the campsite, we heard Valtano say something to the monster. 40 minutes later, the entire crew came down to camp and said that construction was finished. I kept asking what happened to the monster, and Valtano only told me that "It retreated back into the cave after they had made a deal"

Dr. ██: [Translated from Italian to English] Thank you, I want to tell you that I'm turning off the recorder now, then we can speak about your next assignment.

<End Log>

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