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Agent StarAgent Star 21 Oct 2018 00:05
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The article's been proofread since I noticed a lot of people said it needed it.

by Agent StarAgent Star, 21 Oct 2018 00:05

This article will be deleted in 24 hours due to meeting the deletion threshold.

Deletion Threshold by ThermicLineThermicLine, 20 Oct 2018 23:37

"Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-XXXX"
should just be "XXXX", excluding the "RPC" bit

"with minimal civilian exposure."
how are they going to enforce this, specifically? it's kind of vague

oh and the image is an illustration, but how did they get that illustration without the thing killing them

other than that it's a solid article, no major grammar or tone issues

[[include component:rate title=rpc-]]


Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Gamma Red

Hazards: Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Psychokinetic, Visual Hazard, Philosophical

Containment Protocols: RPC-PPP is currently in site 313 RPC-PPP is currently in breach, it is theorized to be in the proximity of the city of New York.
The following are the security measurements taken for when RPC-PPP is restored to the Authority possession.
RPC-PPP must be contained in a reinforced steel cage, located inside a dome of 4 meters of a circumference. The walls of this dome are composed of three layers of 130cm thick stone walls. Inside, the dome must contain no less than two cameras monitoring any suspicious activity and an automatic food and water dispenser. The cage is to be cleaned weekly only by authorized personnel, with suit protection from any waves sent by RPC-PPP. Testing with RPC-PPP is forbidden, as is speaking to it, or participating in any activity without permission of level 4 and above clearance. Any staff involved in work with RPC-PPP must wear all time headphones with audio of their preference, to avoid any voices coming from the radius of 30 meters that is produced by RPC-PPP presence. Personnel working under the cameras vigilance must not be looking at the cameras for more than 10 minutes, the surveillance room is occupied with 2 members of MST-Victor-15 "Aluminium Head" for any incidents. All staff/security assigned to surveillance are to be evacuated after the 10 minutes time limit, replaced with the second team, there are totals of 5 teams that will make the shifts to each team.

Description: RPC-PPP appears to be a 2-year-old black parrot, belonging to the breed Lesser Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis nigra). The entity is possible to control some kind of psychosis-inducing power, besides other dark unknown events the same may produce. The entity is the size and body of an ordinary parrot with the difference of being the activity as it is always steady or moving in a random pattern. It has high intelligence, was possible to escape its high technological jail when incident 313 happened. The entity is seen speaking alone when it is seen "sleeping", uttering short phrases such as "It comes." and "Did you forgot Your floaties?".

RPC-PPP can speak through a normal voice like a parrot, repeating phrases with a loud disturbing voice. It is also able to speak telepathically. The voice produced is a calm, comforting voice that it uses to attract new persons close, or as it calls them, swimps. RPC-PPP can use the force of its mind to move objects with immense strength, speak directly to one person mind and that way slowly corrupt a person, it was also able to predict future happenings and "Read a person". As for the unknown abilities, it is able to talk to an entity, to which it refers as "The Lord of the Deep", and ask for help in its state, it appears to have a time limit as it can only call upon its favors once a week, being possible to call for favors if this entity is satisfied. Those events are given the name "Dark Swirls" by RPC-PPP.
In those, 1-3 of the following outcomes can happen through the day.

  • Creation of creatures called RPC-PPP-A transforming random persons into RPC-PPP-A-1 through 3 causing multiple incidents.
  • Clouds that can instantly age people 10 years for each second.
  • Immediate Corruptions of Stage 5 on persons nearby water, this includes sweat.
  • Appearance of RPC-PPP-B in the walls, causing light flickering.
  • Random teleportation to a pocket dimension for few hours.
  • Rain coming from the roof, if the liquid touches the skin it will result in corrosion.

RPC-PPP-A hazards: The first instance of RPC-PPP-A is RPC-PPP-A-1. A 2.5-meter creature of white coloration with two black eyes and no facial features, capable of smashing metal like paper. RPC-PPP-A-1 is however extremely slow but resistant to bullets, explosions, electricity and other factors, it will attempt to reach RPC-PPP.

The second instance being RPC-PPP-A-2 is a 1.5-meter creature with apparently the same features seen on RPC-PPP-A-2, it has a slim body and it is seen with a strong jaw able to take flesh of the body of a person without difficulties. It is able to regenerate parts of its body with ease. RPC-PPP-A-2 have a fast regenerative capability, bullets are ineffective, fire and other means appear to harm more effectively than what seen in RPC-PPP-A-1.

RPC-PPP-A-3 is an approximate 50-centimeter creature with a similar appearance to other RPC-PPP-A instances, but it is found to be able to fly with a speed of 3-5 m/s while in the air. This creature has a sharp mouth with many teeth. When steady, RPC-PPP-A-3 will start to self-replicate, creating new instances of RPC-PPP-A-3. It is not advisable to use guns, electricity or any flammable equipment as the same will trigger RPC-PPP-A-3 ability to explode at high temperatures.

RPC-PPP-B hazards: RPC-PPP-B is an approximate 1.7 meter slim dark blue creature. It appears to have no facial features but still produce sounds of "bubbling water". Instances of RPC-PPP-B will appear in the walls of humid places, but being able to appear in any way with water substances close enough to the same. RPC-PPP-B appear to have control over two main known abilities: Hydrokinesis and teleportation, these, however, may vary to other variations of those abilities, like teleportation of other objects/life beings, and control of certain liquids such as blood and saliva. When appearing through the wall, RPC-PPP-B instances will most likely head to RPC-PPP location and use any means necessary to free the same. It appears to have high intelligence and uses it to reach RPC-PPP.

Looking at RPC-PPP for more than 5 seconds with bare eyes may result in visions and corruption of personal beliefs and ways of thinking. RPC-PPP is able to create an area surrounding it, where anyone close to the 30-meter radius can hear voices, those voices can get louder each time they are recognized. Trying to respond to one for those voices will also activate the anomalous visual effects resulting from looking at RPC-PPP for 5 seconds.

The following are the six stages a person will follow, they can be hard to distinguish:

  • The person will start to act less rationally, looking at places for a long time, react slower, and start to comprehend language less.
  • The person then will start to exhibit black dots and marks on the skin, followed by scratching of the same, the apparent dots, and marks will get increasingly bigger.
  • The lower part of the body will get fully covered in black skin, the head will stay clear, with no marks or dots, but the eyes will slowly turn dark and the pupils will become red.
  • The person will start to collect the items around it and bring the closest to themselves that will stay steady around the objects during this time.
  • The person will start to get aggressive to any that come close around the items it accumulated, attacking and following any person that comes close until they kill them.
  • They will then after 10 seconds be steady and fall on the ground when they will start having convulsions and, after 2 minutes, die.

Addendum 1: Discovery
RPC-PPP was found on the island of Madagascar, Sainte-Marie, after reports of a mass suicidal occurrence, apparently, from drowning. The authority got the case covered and censored. An Authority research team was sent. A parrot was found to be the only living survivor with the decaying body's, the animal was taken in custody as an Alpha-Yellow, as it could use telekinesis, but after a dark swirls incidents, it was classified as Omega-Red.

Addendum 2: Interview with RPC-PPP

Interviewed: RPC-PPP

Interviewer: Dr. J████

Foreword:RPC-PPP agreed to an interview after negotiation with RPC staff. however, It said only both of them would stay inside the room. RPC-PPP said the name of one of the researchers currently working on site 313. It said that the interview would only continue with him. It is unknown how RPC-PPP obtained the name. Many special NU Corp. telekinesis text to speech machines were created for that special occasion. Dr. J████ gets inside the dome. with RPC-PPP waiting steadily in its cage.

<Begin Log, [12:33]>

Dr. J████: Hello… RPC-PPP, my name is Dr. J████, we will be doing the interview today, is there any name you would prefer me to use?

//The machine produces a sound, it is capturing RPC-PPP "Mind Waves" //

Sound Machine of RPC-PPP: Petshop.

Dr. J████: Sorry… I think I didn't understand that right… Petshop?

The machine is doing the loading sound, its voice appears to be a robotic voice instead of the calm voice RPC-PPP can produce


Dr. J████: I still… can't comprehend… why would that be?

RPC-PPP: I… Am… Petshop… You… Are… Pets…

Dr. J████: We… Sorry?

RPC-PPP: Swimps… Are… Master… Favorite… Pet…

Dr. J████: Oh… So we are the so-called Swimps… What would that stand for? Swamp Wimps?

RPC-PPP:…Ha…Ha…Ha… No.

Dr. J████: Then what would that mean?

RPC-PPP:Swim…ming… Chimps.

Dr. J████: Chimps?

RPC-PPP: Chimps.

Dr. J████: Hah… Why would that be our name?

RPC-PPP: Cause… You… Try… To… Swim… The deep… Pool… Useless…

Dr. J████:That pool… I think all that water-related stuff got something to do with that pool, could you please explain to me what that pool is or what does it means?

RPC-PPP: Madness… Deepness…I Miss… Home.

Dr. J████: Right… What are instances RPC-PPP-A and what is your relationship with them?

RPC-PPP: Swimps…True… form… Serve… Master.

Dr. J████: W-What?… Uh… And RPC-PPP-B, what are they supposed to be? Some Swimps evolution?

RPC-PPP: Wrong… Priests… of the… Deep.

Dr. J████: Right… Lets quit the chit chat… Tell me about that… Master.

RPC-PPP: Great… Lord… Of the… Deep… No… Words… Are Enough

Dr. J████: Right… Calm down cowboy, one last question before the end this interview… Why you chose my name of all of the doctors?

RPC-PPP: You hold… Great pain… Tries… To hide… Pain that great… too difficult… Not to see.

Dr. J████: Ok… I… What are you talking about, you better watch it.

RPC-PPP: Ca…ra…mel…

Dr. J████: How do you? HOW… This interview is over.

RPC-PPP You will… come back… they always… do…

<End Log, [12:38]>

Closing Statement: Dr. J████ left the room frustrated, RPC-PPP stayed still all day long with no activity present, only what could be presumed a "Smile" coming from the same.

Addendum 3: Containment Breach Report
[Date: 09/██/2016 Time: 13:45]
Due to a failure to follow Containment protocols, RPC-SSS caused a rampage on Site-313 where it was contained at the time. After this event, Authority personnel were attacked by POI-XXX in conjunction with what are theorized to be supporters. As a result of this RPC-RRR was shot, damaging the protective suit around RPC-RRR, that rusted guns used in the process, resulting in the subsequent loss of RPC-PPP, RPC-XXX-01, RPC-SSS, and RPC-RRR.

Currently, the whereabouts of RPC-PPP are on the search. Further details about this incident can be found on File [REDACTED]. Containment protocols have been updated and are to be enforced as soon as the asset is repossessed by Authority personnel.


My fourth RPC, Petshop. by Robert BernardRobert Bernard, 20 Oct 2018 17:11
CroalCroal 20 Oct 2018 13:58
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Halloween Contests

What do you guys think about this contest so far? What would you like so see different for future contests?

by CroalCroal, 20 Oct 2018 13:58

Specifically, none. Writers would always have to just use their imagination when in comes to Cognitohazards. Like me, if I was to write an entity that has the ability to phase through solid surfaces (aka walls), I would just think of any material that has a non-electrical conductor property to counteract the anomaly.

However, we don't just go make our own types of material unless its well elaborated. Devices to counteract Cognitohazards can literally be almost anything, as long as its scientifically reasonable and logical.

OperationalWolfOperationalWolf 20 Oct 2018 13:21
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-042

Hi. I'd just like to thank everyone for the support and suggestions on the making of this concept into an article, and improving some parts of it.

Just to clarify, the imagery used here is not in any way created nor I own it as this can be found here:

If you have thoughts you'd like to share about the article, feel free to leave a feedback in this forum. With that being said, thank you for reading.

~ Dr. Pierson.

by OperationalWolfOperationalWolf, 20 Oct 2018 13:21

no major grammar/tone issues i can see, really, although the hazard list is quite long

"RPC-XXX has no apparent anomalous properties besides the memetic effect of making those that look at it slightly thirsty."
if this is the only anomaly, why is the hazard list so long

"When a fluid has been poured into RPC-XXX, any attempt to pour in a second fluid to mix with the first is met with an unknown force that causes the fluid to flow away from the top as though there were a lid on it."
ignoring how weirdly this is worded, it kind of contradicts the other quoted part, as that's 100% an anomaly

"Once RPC-XXX has been sufficiently filled, no method has been shown to be able to empty it besides consumption by subject or termination of subject."
how did they test this? did they shoot a d-class for picking it up?

"It would appear that the concept of the fluid is more important than the actual chemical makeup." perhaps word this a tad bit better, and maybe clarify as to what "concept of the fluid" actually refers to. i understand it, but some others probably won't

the rest of it's pretty fine, but at the moment it could use a little polishing up

[[include component:rate title=rpc-XXX]]


[[include component:image-block name=|width=300px|caption= RPC-XXX]]

Registered Phenomena Code #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Alpha Yellow

Hazards:Memetic Hazard.

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is completely safe when not in use. It is to be contained in a secure containment locker at Site-007. Access to RPC-XXX is restricted to personnel with Level-3 clearance or higher. Any personnel may petition] to experiment with RPC-XXX with approval required by two Level-3 research personnel or higher.1

Description: RPC-XXX is a hand-carved white marble cup of approximately 7.5cm in height and 5cm in width. It has an internal capacity of 124.3mL and weighs 184.26 grams.

RPC-XXX has no apparent anomalous properties besides the memetic effect of making those that look at it slightly thirsty. It neither compels viewers to make use of it nor does anything to entice use beyond the thirst. This effect dissipates within three minutes of looking away from RPC-XXX.

Additional anomalous properties will manifest when a subject introduces a minimum of 100mL of a single fluid into it at which point the subject becomes compelled to drink the contents. Attempts to prevent the subject from drinking the contents of RPC-XXX are met with violence on the part of the subject until they are able to consume the contents of RPC-XXX or they are terminated.

When a fluid has been poured into RPC-XXX, any attempts to pour in a second fluid is met with an unknown force that causes the fluid to flow away from the top as though there were a lid on it. Fluids mixed before introduction to RPC-XXX may be poured in without trouble. Once RPC-XXX has been sufficiently filled, no method has been shown to be able to empty it besides consumption by subject or termination of subject. Termination inevitably causes RPC-XXX to be knocked over or dropped to spill it's contents in 100% of recorded tests.

The results of consumption are different with every unique kind of fluid tested. It would appear that the concept of the fluid is more important than the actual chemical makeup. For example: two tests made with two different types of grape juice showed matching results despite one being 100% fruit juice and the other being from concentrate, water, and added sugar. This means testing is limited to the type of drink. Testing is not required on every single chemical makeup of orange juice. Something named and accepted as orange juice will have the same results as others.

Test Logs

Please adhere to the following format when logging tests for RPC-XXX. Attach all subject medical files and additional observations to test log.

Experiment: RPC-XXX-XX
Additional Researcher's Notes:


RPC-XXX The Cup of Chaos by XedricXedric, 20 Oct 2018 05:47
XedricXedric 20 Oct 2018 02:33
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-570

Gonna get a 4 from me just because it's yet another generic 'animal with special powers' article. But it is so damn well done and above the rest I've ever read that I'll give it a pass from more critical negativity.

by XedricXedric, 20 Oct 2018 02:33
XedricXedric 20 Oct 2018 02:27
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-983

Yea, this one gets a lowball from me. I fail to see in any way how this qualifies as black. At best it's orange just because of the violence of 983-1. Maybe I'm just missing it here but it seems like it's sorta just tossed together randomness. A screaming flesh cave with a tribe of worshipers that was just detonated and collapsed.

What I am curious about is that it mentioned it was growing. What was growing? The flesh inside the cave? Was the cave actually a throat of some big beasty? Was the area affected by the cave growing? I dunno. Too many options, too much obscurity.

by XedricXedric, 20 Oct 2018 02:27

Thanks a lot for the feedback, fixed all that has been mentioned here, spotted a lot of things I hadn't thought about.

About the Seabed Flow Events, besides RPC-XXX-02 appearing, RPC-XXX-01 is awakened and is the one emitting the waves, also during these events the genetically manipulated entities found in the lab appear more often, and is also implied they roam the levels making their way up to the upper levels attempting escape. This is why the MST is sent to the lower levels and told to make their way up. It's part of containing what is inside so it doesn't go outside.

About the Stealthy Feet, I did mess up a lot when writing it and thank you for spotting the mistakes, it has been edited accordingly.

Re: Seabed laboratory by HyzeHyze, 20 Oct 2018 02:27
XedricXedric 20 Oct 2018 02:12
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-499

Hmmm… Not gonna lie. I don't get it. This one whoosh'd me.

by XedricXedric, 20 Oct 2018 02:12
XedricXedric 20 Oct 2018 02:10
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-380

Not really a fan of this one. It just seems nonsensical. A virus that transforms organs into Egyptian structures and makes the subject into pretty much an insane zombie capable of yanking out said organs. Just seems a bit too esoteric for me.

by XedricXedric, 20 Oct 2018 02:10
XedricXedric 20 Oct 2018 02:04
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-162

A giant living face made of faces. I would love it if all the cadavers spoke and that's what made 162's voice. Imagine how weird that would be.

by XedricXedric, 20 Oct 2018 02:04

Things start out good. Classic long-arms killy monster. My first complaint is the specific 'four times the strength' you stated. How did they find this out? Did they ask it to lift weights? I'd say it would sound better with a more arbitrary description like 'immensely stronger than natural humans'.

Minor typo. "All auditory devices that have recorded"

Another typo. "reported that RPC-XXX withstood against their firearms"

Next sentence where it says 'Reluctantly, RPC-XXX had been subdued.' That makes it sound like the people doing the subduing were reluctant. I would say that 'RPC-XXX was subdued with reluctance following the situation".

Beyond the lot of that, it's looking pretty good. It seems a little contradictory by the end of description and discovery because it sounds like it was contained despite being listed as unknown whereabouts in the containment. The last addendum explains how it escape containment, but that's not clear throughout. I don't know how you'd fix that, or if it even needs to be. Just an observation to finish this critique.

Sealed Lab
First, I'm going scientific on this shit. A Faraday Cage would be insanely more effective at preventing electromagnetic emissions than EMP generators. In fact, EMP generators would probably just twist or empower other EM waves, not prevent them. Electromagnetic Pulse is literally just an EM wave on a strength and wavelength sufficient to affect electronic devices. So this entire portion of defense protocols could be improved. Not to mention if the MST don't have all their devices hardened against EMPs, they'd fry a lot of their own equipment in the process. Lots of equipment can't be sufficiently protected either, and they would run the danger of damaging stuff in the labs themselves.

Third paragraph of description. Tipically is spelled typically. Also you mistakenly wrote 'Event Seabed Flow' instead of 'Seabed Flow Event'.

Onto the actual event itself… I'm a bit confused. Why is it titled that? Is the event simply when RPC-XXX-02 makes it's appearance? And when this event happens, to what end is the MST going to the bottom of the facility and killing their way back up? Would it not be more secure if they simply went through the facility AFTER the event? It seems it's just an unnecessary and dangerous.

The facility level description is interesting. Don't have any strong feelings about this part. Clinical and simple enough.

All in all, this is a pretty damn ambitious article and I really hope to see it grow. It's going to take some real work and I'm willing to come back and give more critique if you want.

Stealthy Feet
First, why are they hidden among other non-anomalous decoys? Is the security access and level restriction not enough? What happens when the testing personnel change? Are the previous team amnestic'd to forget which pair is which? I feel this would be better if it were simply put under better security clearances and protocols. If someone was going to steal them, they'd just go up and grab the lot. They'd only need twenty seconds in a mop closet to figure out which pair is which and then they're gone with them.

Security protocols for testing seem good though. Onto the description. My initial complaint is your repeated use of 'virtual'. Find some other word to cut up the repetition. Next, Neural connections sound like it's pertaining to your brain. Yes, Neural is pertaining to nerve, but I feel there are better ways you could word this to make it clearer to the reader. Perhaps call it a melding with the nervous system or something.

Lastly, I presume the testing logs are from the facility and not the Authority. I would probably make that a little clearer because a lot of people may misunderstand. Perhaps format it so the logs are in a quote box and it's titled 'recovered non-authority test logs'.

Re: Seabed laboratory by XedricXedric, 20 Oct 2018 00:44


  • First off, all drafted articles have to begin with RPC-XXX or just XXX in general. While I understand it's supposed to be an example or used as a way to represent the article instead of XXX, It's just bad practice to have your article draft begin with a [non] designated number.

Hazards: Situational, Non-lethal

  • I don't recall any kind of hazardous notices to have situational, do you mean by the anomalies dangerous capabilities that active on circumstantial events? Such as Contact Hazard? Or you mean by something else?
  • The rest of the article does not indicate that it does exhibit any dangerous properties— yet it is classified as a Yellow anomaly, and I think it should be rather classified as White.

As RPC-029 poses no threat as long as it is not being used

  • This particular sentence doesn't make any sense, are you trying to refer that RPC-029 exhibits no dangerous properties unless circumstantial events? If so, elaborate further what those anomaly activations are through don't do this or that.

RPC-029 is what appears to be a plastic toothbrush with nylon bristles, measuring 10 centimeters. The name "JOEY" has been crudely carved on the bottom of the object.

  • Just a suggestion:

RPC-XXX appears to be a plastic toothbrush by an unknown company with the label "JOEY" that has been crudely carved on the bottom and measures to be ten (10) centimeters in length.

  • Also, nylon bristles; don't insert any known detail of an object that everyone knows what that object is. It's like saying you're describing a phone and you're adding that it has a touchscreen. You know?

Description: RPC-029 is what appears to be a plastic toothbrush with nylon bristles, measuring 10 centimeters. The name "JOEY" has been crudely carved on the bottom of the object.
When a human being uses RPC-029 for hygienic purposes, it's anomalous properties begin to manifest. At first, the person will appear surprised, claiming that the toothbrush is "pretty good". Phrases such as "it makes the toothpaste taste better" and "it really gets the plaque out" have been used. No other anomalous properties will be observed at this time. Approximately two (2) to three (3) hours after use of RPC-029, the user will experience greatly enhanced plaque production and cavities appearing on their teeth in rapid succession. After ten to fifteen minutes, their teeth will fall out and rot away. After this sequence of events, an instance of RPC-029-# will manifest in the last place the user had practiced any form of personal hygiene (i.e. washing hands, blowing nose). RPC-029-# appears to be a normal toothbrush with the exception of the bristles being replaced with human teeth. Genetic testing has shown that in different instances these teeth will always belong to the original user of RPC-029.

  • Heavy grammar issues.
  • Also, refer human being in future as individuals or subjects.

Review Score (7/25)
Presentation 2/5
Writing 1/5
Execution 1/5
Grammar 1/5
Overall Concept 2/5

Conclusion: In my opinion, I don't find this concept very interesting nor has that theme of anomaly within it. It all sounds too basic and doesn't provide a wide elaboration for these actions and such. While I understand you're trying to picture a toothbrush that has the capability to dissolve off your teethes and forget about all known hygiene within your mind.

Overall, I see you have tried your best to execute on your idea, but realistically I would give it a +2. ~ Dr. Pierson.

Critique Draft by OperationalWolfOperationalWolf, 19 Oct 2018 23:09

Of course, "please no more churches" means "restrict churches for really really good works". Right?

Re: Please no more churches. by PetrocchiPetrocchi, 19 Oct 2018 22:25
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