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Item #: RPC-NULL-1

Object Class: N/A

Containment Protocols: N/A

Description: RPC-NULL is the designation for a completely non-anomalous box, containing nothing of interest. The box may be contained via doing nothing, as it does not need to be contained. Nobody is to open RPC-NULL. RPC-NULL is currently stored at Site [REDACTED], the whereabouts of which are unimportant and not needed in this article.

RPC-NULL is a U-Haul shipping box, about four (4) meters in length, and four (4) meters in width, as well as height. The cardboard the box is made of is 5e + 6 nanometers wide, and in relatively good condition. RPC-NULL, despite being a U-Haul brand cardboard shipping container, possesses no U-Haul branding, on any surface. Though remnants of glue and plastic have been found on the side of RPC-NULL, assumed to be the remains of the U-haul branding logo.

RPC-NULL possesses no anomalous qualities, down to the finest detail. It is a completely normal U-Haul brand cardboard shipping container, with FlexTape brand tape (Labeled RPC-[REDACTED) sealing its contents from the top. the flex tape is rubberized tape, with adhesive on the bottom. It is to be sealed on the box via rubber/resin adhesive on the underside of the tape, with moderate force applied to the top of the tape.

Scrapings off the outer casing of RPC-NULL reveal it to be the same cardboard substance used by U-Haul shipping corporation, the molecular structure of the cardboard being average.

RPC-NULL is never to be opened.


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