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Item #: RPC-003

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-003 is to be kept locked in its custom high-strength steel case, small enough to stop RPC-003's weapon from moving, and stored in a proper Beta-level storage facility. RPC-003's box is to be fitted with a small "door" with remote access controls to allow RPC-003 to leave its container during testing. Testing may occur in any testing facility with a speaker system and an observational mirror or camera. A security team must be present during testing and must be equipped with a low-power EMP device, so as to temporarily disable RPC-003 without damaging its internal systems and allow enough time to place RPC-003 back into storage safely.

Description: RPC-003 is a four-wheeled, box-shaped robot measuring .7 by .6 by .5 meters and weighing 149 kilograms, fitted with a large steel wedge measuring .8 by .2 meters. Mounted on top of it is a modified vertical shaft engine that powers a black steel blade measuring at .9 by .3 meters, which can be assumed to be its weapon. RPC-003 has severe rust across its external chassis and has the words "Radical Revolution" painted on its side. Despite its external appearance, X-rays show that RPC-003 is perfectly intact on the inside and demonstrates extreme resistance to harm. In addition, despite its apparent power source being a large electronic battery, RPC-003 has demonstrated no loss of power or efficiency since coming into Authority custody, and rotates its weapon at faster revolutions than its outfitted battery should allow.

RPC-003 possesses sentience and intelligence at a level comparable to a 3-year-old human child. RPC-003 will only respond to "yes or no" questions by rotating either clockwise or counter-clockwise, respectively, and will "wiggle" rapidly when asked complex questions. Through questioning, Authority researchers have deduced that RPC-003 was once a competitor in a local "battlebots" competition and supposedly was the best out of all the other competitors. No questioning so far has yielded information as to where these competitions took place or whom RPC-003's original owner was. Despite being generally responsive to the Authority's questions, RPC-003 demonstrates extreme aggression at all times and will attack any living or moving object in its immediate environment. RPC-003's "aggression range" extends outwards in a radius of about 30 meters when in an open area. Closed environments with walls taller than one meter will limit RPC-003's aggression range. When not pursuing a target, RPC-003 will sit idly, although its weapon will continue to spin at maximum velocity.

RPC-003 was recovered in [REDACTED], USA after local police responded to a call about a large metal box attacking cars on the highway. Authority agents were dispatched after RPC-003 took several 9mm and 5.56x45mm shots to its hull and it mangled several police cruisers. In total, RPC-003 injured 16 civilians, 3 of which required extensive medical treatment. Authority agents suffered no casualties.

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