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Item #: RPC-011

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: The Authority has established a perimeter around the area hosting RPC-011 to prevent potential civilian access. Under no circumstances should any personnel approach within fifteen meters of RPC-011-1. Any unauthorized personnel sighted attempting to approach RPC-011-1 are to be provided with an immediate warning to retreat before a security unit is dispatched to subdue and apprehend the individual. Personnel wounded by RPC-011-2 are advised to relocate (if possible) to an area not visible from RPC-011-2's field of view in order for medical assistance to arrive.

Description: RPC-011 consists of two entities, RPC-011-1 and RPC-011-2. RPC-011-1 is an unidentified young Mestizo male of indeterminate age. RPC-011-1 appears to be clad in a standard Paraguayan infantry uniform previously utilized within the early 1980's. RPC-011-1 appears to be critically wounded, as indicated by various entry points by multiple high-caliber rifle rounds located within its lower left leg, right knee, and pelvic region. Periodically, RPC-011-1 will request any surrounding personnel to assist it before emitting multiple sounds involving heightened emotional distress.

RPC-011-2 is presumed to be an armed humanoid entity situated within the concrete foundry overlooking the location of RPC-011-1. Periodically, RPC-011-2 will fire multiple rounds at RPC-011-1's extremities in order to inflict further injury and temporarily increase RPC-011-1's emotional distress. Despite the presence of its of injuries, RPC-011-1 does not appear to suffer from shock or other medically-related complications pertaining to multiple gunshot wounds. Additionally, all previously inflicted injuries on RPC-011-1 (with the exception of the aforementioned wounds listed within its description) will regenerate after a period of time.

The behavior of RPC-011-2 is dependent on the actions of the subject interacting with it or RPC-011-1. If the subject attempts to assist RPC-011-1, RPC-011-2 will immediately fire multiple rounds in an attempt to incapacitate the subject. RPC-011-2 appears to prefer targeting areas within the body that are not immediately life-threatening, most notably the lower legs of the subject. Once the subject has collapsed and is rendered immobile, RPC-011-2 will proceed to fire additional rounds at the subject in order to lure additional personnel to assist them.

If the subject fires multiple concentrated rounds in the space where RPC-011-2 is positioned, RPC-011-2 will immediately de-materialize from said position and immediately re-manifest in a separate section of the foundry. Following this, RPC-011-2's behavior becomes more aggressive, utilizing multiple rounds in an attempt to kill the subject and any surrounding personnel within its field of vision before regressing to normal behavior upon the expiration/evacuation of the subject.

Additionally, if an individual attempts to enter the foundry that RPC-011-2 is situated within, it will immediately dematerialize from its position. After three seconds, a large thermal explosion wil engulf the facility in an attempt to purge the tresspassing subject, while causing no notable damage to the foundry's infrastructure at the same time. Once the subject expires or evacuates, RPC-011-2 will again revert to its normal behavior.

Addendum 011-001: Acquisition Log

RPC-011 was discovered on ██/██/19██, after Authority embeds in northern Paraguay received accounts of multiple civilian and worker causalities occurring within the industrial district of ████████ by a lone marksman. Believing this to initially be a hostage crisis or terrorist attack, Authority embeds did not proceed with the claim of a possible anomaly until approximately thirty-two civilians and medical personnel were reported injured or killed after attempting to reach a wounded military soldier pleading for assistance.

Upon arrival, multiple agents secured the perimeter surrounding the site of RPC-011 while a containment team began sweeping the area for any indication of a potential anomaly. Following this, RPC-011-2 fired upon the containment team when a member approached RPC-011-1 to assist it, causing multiple personnel to scatter behind nearby buildings and two personnel to remain in the street wounded.

Several members of the containment team began exchanging fire with RPC-011-2; RPC-011-2 immediately de-materialized from its position and re-manifested in a separate section of the foundry before engaging the containment team, resulting in eight dead and sixteen wounded. Due to this, Lieutenant Harrison ordered a temporary evacuation of the area and prohibited any personnel from entering within a hundred meter radius of RPC-011. Two hours after the initial incident, the Authority deployed a counter-sniper in an attempt to terminate RPC-011-2. RPC-011-2 immediately noticed the marksman and proceeded to fire a .308 incendiary round at the individual's head.

After an additional four hours, all previously-affected subjects expired and the Authority initiated a clean-up operation (while circumventing RPC-011) and implicated a false campaign detailing a terrorist attack. RPC-011 was then provided its current designation and containment procedure.

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