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Photograph of RPC-012

Item #: RPC-012

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: When not in use, RPC-012 is to be kept within an electronically-locked acrylic glass container that will remain within a soundproofed chamber. Magnetometers should be inside the chamber and regularly monitored for any unusual activity. All testing that involves RPC-012 must remain within the chamber. RPC-012 being taken outside of the containment chamber is not authorized for any purpose.

Description: RPC-012 is a VHS cassette with a red, plastic exterior. Viewing the internal tape through the transparent plastic reveals no extraordinary features. The anomalous abilities of RPC-012 begin when a human is within 3 meters of RPC-012 while not separated from RPC-012 with a wall or other object. RPC-012 has been shown to record the thoughts and mental processes of individuals within the effective range of RPC-012 and imprinted as audio-visual on the magnetic tape. Differences in the magnetic field around RPC-012 have been detected when this is happening. Affected individuals have reported no unusual emotions or other effects while RPC-012 is "recording" them.

When played on a VHS player, the thoughts captured by RPC-012 are converted into either audio or video formats. RPC-012 seems to be only capable of retaining 2 hours of data before older data is overwritten. 2-6 days after first exposure to the effects of RPC-012, individuals will begin developing symptoms of mental illness. Symptoms that have been diagnosed thus far include paranoia, insomnia, auditory and kinetic hallucinations, migraines and mild nausea. After a period of experiencing symptoms, individuals will experience a seizure before entering a coma-like vegetative state. This has not yet been confirmed to be permanent or not.

Interviewed: V-308█

Interviewer: Dr. H████

Foreword: V-308█ is currently inside the containment chamber of RPC-012. Dr. H████ is communicating with him from outside with a two-way radio.

<Begin Log, 10:06 03/0█/2007>

Dr. H████: V-308█, Please step forward.

[V-308█ moves towards the container of RPC-012, the container is closed.]

Dr. H████: Please open the lock, th-

V-308█: Aw man, I remember these things, video tapes.

Dr. H████: You weren't told to speak. The passcode is ████████████

[V-308█ enters the passcode and the box unlocks.]

Dr. H████: Please open the container.

[V-308█ opens the box containing RPC-012. Magnetometer readings spike.]

Dr. H████: How do you currently feel?

V-308█: I dunno.

Dr. H████: Please pick it up.

[V-308█ picks up RPC-012 and examines it. Magnetometer readings highly irratic.]

V-308█: I remember watchin' cartoons on these when I was younger.

Dr. H████: Yes, good times. Anything else you can remember?

V-308█: I can remember my daughter watching cartoons with me on a Saturday, she passed away.

[Magnetometer readings prick up. V-308█ is visibly upset.]

Dr. H████: Put RPC-012 back into the container and we'll stop here.

[V-308█ puts RPC-012 and relocks the container, before leaving the chamber.]

<End Log, 10:15 03/0█/2007 >

Closing Statement: Upon later review of the tape, a young woman can be found that is believed to be V-308█'s daughter. V-308█ was terminated once they had entered a comatose state.

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