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Item #: RPC-014

Object Class: Alpha


Picture of RPC-014

Containment Protocol: Due to the RPC Authority not understanding the full extent of RPC-014’s supernatural effects and due to its current location, RPC-014's containment is not currently possible. To prevent any occurrence of a breach, a 3 meters tall chain link fence is built around it, the fence is marked periodically with a sign that reads: “Private Property”. Also, the area is home to an undercover Site that is camouflaged to look like an inhabited mansion.

Description: RPC-014 is a 40 km² crystal clear lake located in ███████ near the peak of the ███████ Mountains. The fauna and flora around the lake are exceptionally lively and seems to possess above average health. Many of the E-class personnel have reported animals usually avoiding human contact (e.g deers) approaching them of their own volition, additionally, violent animals such as predator are surprisingly friendly.

The anomalous properties of RPC-014 are only observable when direct eye contact with the body of water is made. All organisms, be it air-breathing or not, appear to be able to breathe under RPC-014’s surface without any external assistance. The RPC researchers also sighted animals walking on the bottom of the lake and were able to do the same. Also, all of the personnel reported being able to perfectly see under the surface of the liquid composing RPC-014 as if there is nothing but air. The volume of RPC-014 does not lower when sampled, but also stays the same when a sample is returned to the main body. The liquid (dubbed RPC-014-1) does not differ from normal H²O at a molecular level. Its temperature is also constant, and does not alter from ██ degrees even when heated or cooled using extreme methods.

RPC-014 was a location frequented by the people of the now defunct ██████ religion that used it as a location for an unknown ritual. The latter is poorly documented due to the lack of data caused by incident Tau-312 but has been confirmed to be related to “Cleansing the darkness of the world by bathing in the sacred waters of the Lake of Crystal” by the Head of the Archeology Research Team, Dr. ████████.

Addendum 1: The RPC-014-1 effects have been confirmed not to have a visible effect on human organisms that ingested it apart from a slight increase in the dopamine level.
What about the fear inhibition properties it demonstrates on animals? Doesn’t it have the same effects on humans? -Dr. ██████

Addendum 2: Dr. ████████ has proposed to try the effects of RPC-014-1 on RPC-188. It has been deduced from the results of basting RPC-014-1 on a D-Class subject and approaching the said subject from RPC-188 that RPC-014-1 does not nullify the effects of the aforementioned RPC, but lowers its range of effect significantly from 40 meters to 15 meters, and significantly delays the transformations related to RPC-188.

Addendum 3: It seems that RPC-005 has no control over RPC-014-1 or any liquid that has 50% or more concentration of RPC-014. It also seems that any liquid that comes in contact with someone that was basted with RPC-014-1 immediately gains the same immunity to RPC-005’s powers for a split second.

Addendum 4: RPC-014-1 does not spread its effects to other liquids if it is the one spilled into the latter. But the opposite has shown to give RPC-014’s effects temporarily to the non-anomalous liquid.

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