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Item #: RPC-017

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-017 is to be guarded by four (4) armed personnel. Testing with RPC-017 must require Class B authorization. Anyone testing or using RPC-017 without Class B authorization will be reprimanded.

Description: RPC-017 is a 20x10 meter Standard Anomalous Humanoid Containment unit located in Site-52. When any object that is not connect to any solid matter reaches the speeds of 12 mph within RPC-017, said object will duplicate inside RPC-017. Duplicated objects will always materialize adjacent to the original object. 55% of duplicated objects have shown variation in material or content. See Addendum 017-A for more information.

Addendum 017-A: Testing Logs

Addendum 017-B: RPC Files 001 - 005

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