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Item #: RPC-019

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-019 is to be contained in a standard Beta class humanoid containment cell with no more than five researchers and two armed guards assigned to its chamber. RPC-019’s cell is to be fitted with an airlock entrance system and no more than three researchers are to be inside RPC-019’s containment chamber at one time. Only researchers with Level 3 clearance or above are permitted to enter the chamber. If RPC-019 enters a distressed state and becomes erratic, all unarmed staff are to be escorted away from the area and not return for a minimum of 24 hours. Armed guards are to remain outside RPC-019’s chamber door until RPC-019 becomes docile. Lethal force is permitted for use only in the event of a class 5 full site breach. All Authority personnel assigned to RPC-019 are to be given a full psychiatric evaluation before and after assignment.

Description: RPC-019 is a humanoid male standing roughly 180cm tall and weighing approximately 58kg. RPC-019’s body is covered in scars of varying lengths, shapes, and width. Some of the scars on RPC-019’s body form words or phrases, such as ████████. When RPC-019 is provoked, it will become extremely hostile and the scars on its body will reopen and bleed as though they were fresh lacerations. The fluid that spills out from RPC-019’s body during one of these events, hereafter referred to as RPC-019-1, is a viscous black substance, almost similar to that of human blood. It appears to be a separate living organism that causes severe alterations to the brainwave patterns of those who come in contact with it (see addendum 019-A). High amounts of various prescription medications have been found in RPC-019-1, including Methylphenidate and Venlafaxine, which are commonly used to treat ADHD and Depression. For a full list of narcotics found in RPC-019-1, see Addendum 019-B.

RPC-019 spends most of the day in its containment chamber attempting to re-open the various scars on its body using whatever means available. Under no circumstances is RPC-019 to be given anything it could use to reopen its scars. This includes razors, knives, shards of glass or plastic. RPC-019 has shown to be very resourceful and will use unconventional means to reopen its scars. This requires staff to keep a constant watch on RPC-019. A full list of restricted items can be found in addendum 019-C. RPC-019 has shown the ability to communicate verbally and often speaks in a cryptic, poetic manner. Although RPC-019 is normally very willing to communicate, it refuses to have any sort of interaction with female personnel, and usually responds best to the younger male staff on site. As a result of this, no female personnel are to be within 7.5m of RPC-019’s containment chamber. RPC-019 has shown to be very irritable and easy to upset, therefore staff are to proceed with utmost caution when interviewing RPC-019. If RPC-019 enters a distressed, erratic state, it will become hostile and attempt to ██████████ those within a ██km radius through whatever means available. Any staff to witness such an event have been shown to develop symptoms synonymous with Manic Depression or Type II Bipolar disorder. These symptoms get progressively worse over the proceeding 30 days, and ultimately result in an attempted, and often successful, suicide. In some cases, those affected have shown to lash out violently and take the lives of anywhere between ██ and ██ people before committing suicide. As a result of this, any and all Authority personnel who witness an RPC-019 event are to be quarantined and given a full psychiatric evaluation immediately. Director ██████ of the Overlord council has approved the usage of Class-A amnestics for any staff who witness one of these events. However, amnestics have not shown to be 100% successful in reversing the memetic effects of exposure to RPC-019.

RPC-019 was recovered by Mobile Strike Force RtF-10 (“Long Time Coming”) in ████████, Arizona after a series of mass suicides and homicides were reported in the nearby farmsteads and towns. It is estimated that before being captured by The Authority, RPC-019 caused between ██ and ███ suicides, as well as ██ homicides.

Addendum 019-A: Effects of contact with RPC-019-1.

Subject: D-5821, Age 32 Male with no history of mental illness.

Subject was instructed to place their hand in a bowl containing RPC-019-1. Upon being touched, RPC-019-1 latched onto D-5821’s skin and was unable to be removed. Subject stated RPC-019-1 felt similar to the bite of a freshwater leech, with an irritating “suckling” feeling. After approximately thirty minutes RPC-019-1 released itself from D-5821’s arm and fizzled out shortly after. Subject slowly became erratic and emotionally disturbed, tearing the zipper off of his Class-D jumpsuit and using it to carve the word “███████” into his left forearm. When asked to explain what he was doing, D-5821 could only state that he was “██████ ████████ ████.” The meaning of this is currently unknown. D-5821 was taken by Authority medical personnel, but died from blood-loss before reaching the infirmary.

Addendum 019-B: Narcotics found in RPC-019-1.

Following blood tests done by Dr. ████ and Agent ██████, various prescription medications were found in RPC-019’s blood.
They include:

  • Methylphenidate
  • Lurasidone
  • Venlafaxine
  • Lisdexamfetamine
  • Lamotrigine

It is currently unknown how these medications got into RPC-019’s blood, but it is theorized that RPC-019’s body may produce them naturally.

Addendum 019-C: Restricted Items.

RPC-019 has shown to be very resourceful and creative in finding ways to reopen its scars. As a result, none of the following items are to be given to RPC-019 under any circumstances unless it has been pre-approved by two Level 4 personnel.

  • Razors
  • Knives
  • Glass
  • Sturdy plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Electronic components
  • Nail/Toenail clippers
  • Any kind of silverware (excluding spoons)
  • Chips of wood
  • Ceramic materials
  • Keys/Plastic keycards

RPC-019 has shown no interest in harming itself through any means other than self inflicted lacerations.

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