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A non-anomalous version of RPC-026

Item #: RPC-026

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-026 is to be stored in a cushioned Alpha-Class Storage Unit at Site-04. Only those with Level-2 clearance and above are allowed to conduct tests on RPC-026. Anyone who attempts to activate RPC-026 without permission will be terminated. One armed security guard must accompany the tester at all times. No less that three armed security guards must accompany the tester at all times [See Incident 026-1].

Description: RPC-026 is a "Telechron Turn-About" clock manufactured by Telechron Electrical Clocks in 19541, with it's time set at 4:15. RPC-026 has a small electrical plug coming out from a hole in it's backside, however, the clock does not turn on when plugged into an outlet. RPC-026 is in mostly good condition aside from a long crack in the back located in between the two knobs used to set the time and alarm.

RPC-026's anomalous properties manifest when an individual places it in a certain location,and manually changes its time by turning the bottom-right knob on it's back, therefore changing it from it's 4:15 standard time. Once RPC-026 is activated all objects within 20 meters will experience a form of degradation and disfigurement. RPC-026 will activate when placed outside or inside and can be activated by anyone. If RPC-026 is moved from it's location while in an active state, the range of influence will stay the same distance but now have it's source from its new location, potentially affecting different objects. Items will continue to degrade until they disintegrate as long as RPC-026 is off from its normal time.

Data has shown that there are "distances" from RPC-026's normal state that effect the amount of time it takes for change to occur among objects, with 4:16 being the slowest time, and 4:14 being the fastest. Testing has shown that humans and animals are unaffected by RPC-026, however, clothing items worn during activation can be affected. When RPC-026 is returned to its normal time, all objects will anomalously repair themselves, but whatever disfigurement and distortion that has occurred will remain. Objects that are moved outside of the range during activation have been shown to not be effected by the restoration process.

RPC-026 was found after a news station in [REDACTED] published a story about a family that had found a "Magical Reality Warping Clock". The item was seized by Authority specialists and all individuals who had read the story and come into contact with the object were given anesthetics. The home of the family who had discovered RPC-026 contained numerous rusted and warped items.

Addendum 01:

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