Registered Phenomena Code: 027

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-027 is to be stored in a secure, locked container at Warehouse 7-16 at Site 07. Samples of RPC-027 are available for testing and study upon written permission from Lead Researcher ████ ████████. Surveillance of ██████ Food and Additive Company Ltd. is ongoing. Under no circumstances is RPC-027 to be directly ingested. RPC-027 is to be handled with standard chemical-resistant gloves that are to be incinerated afterwards to prevent accidental ingestion.

Description: RPC-027 is a fine, reddish-brown powder resembling cinnabar-mercuric oxide dust. Testing on the chemical makeup of the powder has so far been inconclusive. The effects of RPC-027 take effect within 3-6 hours after ingestion of a food or drink to which RPC-027 has been added, or within 1-3 hours of the substance being ingested directly. RPC-027 amplifies the effects of any substance it is added to, especially negative effects, often leading to death. If for instance, RPC-027 is added to an alcoholic drink of any quantity and then drunk then the subject will within the time frame become progressively more inebriated before suffering from alcohol poisoning, liver failure and eventual expiration. When RPC-027 is ingested directly instead of added to a food or drink [DATA EXPUNGED].

Object Retrieval: RPC-027 was successfully retrieved from a restaurant in ███████ ████, █████, United States of America, following a raid on the restaurant after a series of sudden, unusual deaths of restaurant patrons prompted an investigation from the Authority. RPC-027 was contained in a large bottle with a ██████ Food and Additive Company Ltd. label attached, in the kitchen of the restaurant.


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