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Item #: RPC-028

Object Class: Alpha Beta


RPC-028 containment vessel

Containment Protocols: RPC-028 is stored inside a cylindrical tank made of 9-centimeter-thick palladium metal-glass within an environmentally regulated circular room of 15 meters in diameter. The vessel is connected via pipe to a pump system above, allowing RPC-028-1 to flow throughout the facility. The vessel also includes a maintenance hatch which can be accessed with at least a level-2 clearance. The room holding RPC-028 must be guarded 24/7 by at least 9 security personnel.

Staff should regularly examine the RPC-028-1 system and pipes for faults which must be reported immediately to site maintenance. All unused, leaked or spilled RPC-028-1 must be returned to the vessel via the pipes or by dumping it in RPC-028 through the maintenance hatch. If an unauthorized RPC-028-2 instance has been spotted, it must be announced and terminated unless a containment order by a superior has been given. RPC-028-1 must be stopped from flowing to an area with an RPC-028-2 instance by staff immediately.

Failure to catalog any use or samples of RPC-028-1 will result in disciplinary hearings and possibly demotion. Attempting to take samples of RPC-028-1 from the facility without authorization will result in disciplinary hearings, demotion and potentially termination. Any staff who brings a C.I.O,1 such as a lab rat or a pet into the facility without authorization will face demotion and likely termination. Any unauthorized C.I.O(s) must be promptly terminated then incinerated.

In the event of an RPC-028-2 outbreak, all patients must be evacuated. Immobile patients inside healing vats2 should remain under supervision and be defended during emergency situations. Security forces engaging should exercise extreme caution, as they are known to be unpredictable and dangerous. Due to the random nature of their mutations, each specimen should be approached accordingly with each mutated form they take. Instances should be isolated from any source of RPC-028-01 by any means to halt further mutation and any regeneration. Refer to the arms manual and formulate the proper weapon needed accordingly.

Description: RPC-028 is a cylinder approximately 0.8 meters in height and 1.6 meters in diameter. Despite being entirely composed of liquid, it behaves as if it were solid, by retaining its shape without spillage. Transporting RPC-028 from its location is impossible, due to an unknown reaction force preventing any changes in latitude or longitude. However, RPC-028 can be moved vertically and is under the effect of gravity, though not when it will cause RPC-028 to no longer stand upright. RPC-028 appears to be nearly weightless and can be moved along its vertical axis with ease, so long as its base is supported.

The water from RPC-028, RPC-028-1 has an unusually light density at 777 ± 1 µg kg/m³. Despite this discrepancy, it is otherwise indistinguishable from non-anomalous water available from springs and aquifers near Site-08, except for notable lack of █████ taint or biological traces, due to its sterilizing properties. Observation has shown RPC-028 will disintegrate single-cellular life forms, as well as C.I.O below 1.618~ grams in weight. This must be considered when administering RPC-028-01 to patients, as symbiotic microbes will require replacement.

RPC-28-1 can be returned to RPC-28 by making contact with it and will be absorbed. RPC-28-1 outside the cylinder for ██ hours will disappear from existence in a process which breaks the first law of thermodynamics. It is theorized that the lost energy is shifted to a higher dimension. Temporal studies from Site-██ have supported this theory with their study on RPC-████ with similar findings. It may be possible that the cylinder is a 3D-cross-section of a greater extra-spatial object.

Any suitable C.I.O exposed to RPC-028-1 are to be classified as instances of RPC-028-2. RPC-028-2 will begin to undergo rapid mutations starting at the cellular level, with effects becoming more prominent and advanced as exposure continues. RPC-028-2 show immensely increased levels of aggression, strength, and intelligence. RPC-028-2 has shown to be capable of rapidly growing replicas of anthropomorphic anatomy. See mutation log for examples. Post-mortem DNA testing of RPC-028-2 instances reveals ██% of the DNA in mutated cells is human

Humans with injuries treated with an application of RPC-028-1 are healed at an exponential rate. Personnel with wounds incapable of being healed with current medical technology can be treated successfully, albeit the process takes significantly more time than minor injuries. Current medical application of RPC-028-1 makes use of vats filled with RPC-028-1 and artificial embryonic fluid to provide the patient's cells with oxygen and nitrogen. Patients thought to be deceased may recover if their cells are kept alive on ice. See medical log for examples.

It has been noted that the healing properties of RPC-028 have some limitations. The part of the body that is healed by RPC-028-1 will always be the largest collection of existing living tissue from that individual. If a larger mass of living tissue from that individual exists out of RPC-028-1 no regeneration will take place. If RPC-028-1 is replacing a portion of biological matter from an individual (such as a lost finger), the original portion of that biological matter will disappear similar to how RPC-28-1 does if separated from RPC-28 for too long.

To continue, patients with brains partly regenerated by RPC-28 may suffer memory loss. Patients with completely regenerated brains appear to only retain adolescent memories. Personnel with replaced brains are relieved of service and covered-up with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's to their family or caretakers.


RPC-028 discovery site after being cleared

RPC-028 gained the Authority’s attention during construction of the Panama Canal in █████████ after rumors of construction workers wounded by explosions miraculously recovering their limbs and segments of their ████. During an investigation, Authority personnel scanned throughout the canal and happened upon a small camp with tubs and buckets around a hole filled with water. On further investigation, it was revealed workers with grievous wounds were dunking and dousing their injuries in what appeared to be regular water and slowly and visibly healed large amounts of flesh, organs, and skin completely.

People initially found at the campsite at the discovery of the anomaly were apprehended, questioned and given amnestics afterward. Due to the anomaly being possibly well-known, a disinformation campaign was started. It was started with agents posing as construction workers, citizens and street-level bureaucrats around the canal to covertly kidnap, interrogate and give amnestics to anyone who used RPC-028 or recognized its anomalous effects. To conclude the cover-up, a story was pushed that a snake oil salesman within the region was selling a faulty medical product and had merely paid poor civilians nearby to spread the word of it, to obtain more customers.

With the disinformation campaign in progress, a small structure had been constructed around the anomaly to hide it, with security monitoring it from a distance. In ██████████ the Authority requested President Theodore Roosevelt to halt construction of the Panama Canal. The President denied this request. After the discovery that RPC-028 could be moved downward, a false quarantine zone in that area was established for ██ months. An airtight facility was constructed underground around RPC-028 and officialized as Site-08 six months later.

Addendum 1: In ██████████ Senior researcher ████ exposed their small dog to RPC-028-1 to see if the healing properties worked on animals. The goal was to regenerate a lost left hind leg, due to abuse from a prior owner. The experiment log below was created using a nearby camera system. This experiment yielded the first RPC-028-2.

Addendum 2: RPC-028 or RPC-028-1 is not to come in contact with any complex inhuman life, C.I.O for short, without proper authorization, C.I.O for short. RPC-028-1 has been discovered to host extremely mutagenic properties on all C.I.Os above the newly discovered disintegration threshold of 1.618~ grams, creating extremely dangerous and hostile entities

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