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Item #: RPC-028

Object Class: (Alpha Beta)

Updated Containment Protocols: RPC-028 is stored in a 15m diameter circular room in a clear and reinforced cylindrical containment vessel. The vessel must include a maintenance hatch and pump system on the top, both of which must be inspected weekly for signs of damage and waste buildup. The room storing RPC-028 must have no less than 15 guards monitoring it at all times. Due to RPC-028-1 being used extensively around the facility for treatment of personnel, any pipes in the facility containing RPC-028-1 are to be repaired immediately if damaged and examined weekly. Unused or spilled RPC-028-1 samples are to be returned to the RPC-028 containment vessel immediately via pipe or maintenance hatch.


Any (C.I.O1) within the facility must be terminated on sight regardless. If an RPC-028-2 has formed from a C.I.O making contact with RPC-028-1. All site personnel must terminate the RPC-028-2 immediately. In addition, all sources of RPC-028-1 are to be cut off from flowing to that area until termination.

C.I.Os such as pets are NOT ALLOWED within Site-08 due to RPC-028-1. Any infraction of this rule will result in termination of said lifeform, demotion, reprimanding and possibly termination. Failure to catalog any usage of RPC-028-1 will result in disciplinary hearings and demotion. RPC-028-1 samples are not to leave Site-08, personnel attempting to take RPC-028-1 samples from the facility will face disciplinary hearings, demotion, and possibly termination.

Updated Description: RPC-028 is a cylindrical source of water with healing, sterilizing and mutagenic properties. RPC-028 is 0.8m in diameter and is 1.6m deep. Water from RPC-028, identified as RPC-028-1, has a density of 777kg/m³ ± 1 µg. Despite this RPC-028-1 is indistinguishable from non-anomalous water available from springs and aquifers near Site-08, except that it has a notable lack of █████ or biological signs. The lack of anything biological has been explained by it’s sterilizing properties. Observation has shown RPC-028-1 will dissolve any insignificant life that makes contact with it, such as, viruses, bacteria, parasites and small insects. Sterilized symbiotes required for the proper health of patients must be replaced by transplantation.

Any C.I.O exposed to RPC-028-1 are reclassified as an RPC-028-2. RPC-028-2 are altered versions of their baseline species. Postmortem DNA testing of RPC-028-2s reveals ██.99% human DNA. RPC-028-2 show immensely increased levels of aggression, strength, and intelligence. RPC-028-2 has shown to be capable of rapidly growing replicas of anthropomorphic anatomy. Such as a rat with human-mandibles and other skull segments forming plate armor. See mutation log below for further examples and details.

Furthermore, removal of water from RPC-028 or filling RPC-028 with RPC-028-1 does not appear to change the dimensions of RPC-028. Altering the dimensions of the hole previously containing RPC-028 or its current containment result in no changes in shape, angle or volume. RPC-028, unlike RPC-028-1, appears to be weightless when supported from any point on its bottom face.

Further observations reveal that transferring RPC-028 from where it was discovered is impossible due to an unknown reaction force that prevents any changes in latitude or longitude, however, it appears RPC-028 can be moved vertically. RPC-028 can only be raised if a surface makes contact with the entire bottom of RPC-028 and increases in elevation. RPC-028 can only be lowered if a surface makes contact with the entire top of RPC-028 and decreases in elevation. This suggests the possibility of RPC-028 having extra-spatial dimensions.

Humans with injuries submerged in RPC-028-1 are healed completely over time at an exponential rate. RPC-028-1 heals minor injuries such as cuts or scrapes in under a minute. Personnel with wounds incapable of being healed with current medical technology can be treated with success albeit with much more time needed. An example of this would be, █████, who was completely gutted by RPC-████. █████, however, made a full recovery after being submerged in RPC-028-1 following brief cryogenic status to prevent brain death. Agent █████'s wounds had closed with all organs inside him forming properly. The rejuvenating procedure completed after 14 hours in a tank of RPC-028-1.

It has been noted that the healing properties of RPC-028 have some restrictions. The part of the body that is healed by RPC-028-1 will always be the largest collection of living tissue from that individual placed into it, however, if a larger mass of living tissue from that individual exists out of RPC-028-1 no regeneration will take place. If RPC-028-1 is replacing a portion of biological matter from an individual (such as a lost finger), the original portion of that biological matter will dissolve through unknown means regardless of distance or condition. Personnel with brains completely regenerated as a result of RPC-028 retain only adolescent memories.

RPC-028 gained the Authority’s attention during construction of the Panama Canal in █████████ after rumors of construction workers wounded by explosions miraculously recovered their limbs and segments of their ████. During an investigation, Authority personnel scanned throughout the canal and happened upon a small camp with tubs and buckets around a hole filled with water. On further investigation, it was revealed workers with grievous wounds were dunking and dousing their injuries in what appeared to be regular water and slowly healed large amounts of flesh, organs, and skin completely.

People initially found at the campsite at the discovery of the anomaly were apprehended, questioned and given amnestics afterward. Due to the anomaly being possibly well-known, a disinformation campaign was started. It was started with agents posing as construction workers, citizens and street-level bureaucrats around the canal to covertly kidnap, interrogate and give amnestics to anyone who used RPC-028 or recognized its anomalous effects. To conclude the cover-up, a story was pushed that a snake oil salesman within the region was selling a faulty product and had merely paid poor civilians nearby to spread the word of it, to obtain more customers.

While the disinformation campaign was in progress, a small structure had been constructed around the anomaly to hide it. In ████/██/██ the Authority requested president Theodore Roosevelt to halt construction of the Panama Canal. After three days the president had denied the request. After the discovery that RPC-028 could be moved down an airtight facility was constructed underground around it and officialized as Site-08 six months later.

Addendum 1: [RPC-028 or RPC-028-1 IS NOT TO COME IN CONTACT WITH ANY FORM OF COMPLEX LIFE EXCEPT HUMANS. It appears RPC-028-1 has extremely mutagenic on all inhuman complex life, creating extremely dangerous and hostile entities.

In 1915/██/██ researcher ████ exposed their small dog to RPC-028-1 in an experiment to see if the anomalous properties work on other sufficiently complex lifeforms. The goal is to regenerate its lost left hind leg, due to abuse from a prior owner. The following experiment log has been created using a nearby camera system. This experiment yielded the first RPC-028-2.]

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