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Item #: RPC-029

Object Class: Beta Gamma

Containment Protocols: All instances of RPC-029 are to be kept on board Authority Vessel 17 “Mulder” in international waters. A 3x3x3 meter acrylic glass tank with an open top should be in place below the vessel's deck. A 1.5x1.5x1 meter block of lithium must be kept inside the tank. The remaining space in the tank must be filled with water of sufficient salinization levels to keep the lithium buoyant. Current generators are in place on the sides of the tank to ensure the block does not drift into contact with the solid walls of its containment area. Two personnel must be present and observing the containment area at all times to ensure there is no failure of the current generators.

RPC-029-03 through RPC-029-06 must be confirmed to be currently inhabiting the lithium block on a daily basis using ultrasound and visual observation. Twice a day, four recently deceased fish must be dropped onto the surface of the block for consumption. Every twelve months, the lithium block must be changed out. No less than four personnel must be involved in submerging the block underneath the currently inhabited one and carefully raising the old block out of the tank once it has been confirmed all instances of RPC-029 have moved to the new block. All personnel must wear the special gel sealed protective suits during this operation to prevent carrying RPC-029 out of containment.

Description: RPC-029 is what is tentatively believed to be a species of beings that can exist only inside solid objects. Due to the nature of RPC-029, it does not have much in the way of an appearance. Its presence is denoted mainly by the rapid decay of solid material that it “swims” through, often leaving a noticeable trail of aged and weakened material. Measurements of RPC-029’s trail suggest its actual form is approximately 50 to 60 centimeters long and 8 centimeters in diameter at full size. It has been observed to swim through spaces much smaller than these dimensions with relative ease.

Attempts to extract RPC-029 from inside a solid object for observation have met with failure. It has never been observed to “surface” in any way and seems entirely incapable of transmitting itself through liquids, gasses, or gels. Even those that might be denser than the solid materials it normally inhabits.

RPC-029 has displayed all commonly accepted signs of life except homeostasis and reproduction. It seems to be aware of anything touching the surface of a contiguous solid object for several meters and will act in response to stimuli such as avoiding a jack hammer smashing a wall and stalking a living thing on the surface. RPC-029 is a carnivore, entering prey through surface contact with its habitat and deconstructing their chemical bonds as it moves around the body. No transfer or consumption of any substance in the body has been observed, so it is unclear how exactly RPC-029 benefits from this predation. The regularity of the behavior and disinterest in repeating it for a few hours following suggests that it is in fact a form of feeding and not an inadvertent consequence of otherwise benign behavior.

It has been observed that the density of the material RPC-029 inhabits has an effect on its behavior, with highly dense material making it more energetic and aggressive, while less dense material makes it more lethargic and peaceful. Denser material, coincidentally or not, also suffers more damage from the presence of RPC-029.

RPC-029 was discovered in the █████ province of Mongolia on 6/███████ following several suspicious disappearances in the area. Since the initial containment of RPC-029, [REDACTED].

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