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Item #: RPC-030

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: West Falkland observation posts are to maintain constant vigilance for manifestations of RPC-030 outside and during the regular manifestation time frame. When a manifestation of RPC-030 is confirmed, Regional Director Sloan is to be informed and MST Quebec-2 'Siren Chasers' are to be dispatched to establish an exclusion zone of no less than 2 km around RPC-030. This exclusion zone is to be enforced by air and sea security elements, and at no point are any vessels allowed to violate this exclusion zone without the express permission of the Regional Director. Should RPC-030 unexpectedly make a course change, the exclusion zone is to be adjusted accordingly.

Description: RPC-030 is a manifestation of the Argentine light cruiser ARA General Belgrano, which was sunk in the 1982 Falklands War. The first recorded appearance of RPC-030 was on May 2nd 199█ (see Discovery Log 030), the anniversary of the actual ship's destruction. Since then RPC-030 has appeared on the exact same course it was on when the ship was sunk annually between May-July, however approximately 1.5 hours after it begins its yearly journey there is a chance it may deviate its course, these course changes are seemingly made at random and it is not currently known for what reason, if any, these are made.

RPC-030 will continue its journey towards the coordinates where the ARA General Belgrano was sunk at ██████, upon reaching this point RPC-030 will dematerialize, after this there remains no trace of RPC-030 ever being in the area. Up close observation of RPC-030 is hindered due to the fact that the ship's main battery of 6"/47 caliber guns will open fire on any vessel that comes within ██ km of the of it, when a vessel comes into range of RPC-030 the ship will broadcast the following message over the ships speaker system: YOU ARE INCURRING ON THE SOVEREIGN TERRITORY OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC, TURN BACK NOW.

This message will loop in English and Spanish, at which point RPC-030 will proceed to open fire on the incurring vessel until it's either destroyed or leaves the stated range of ██ km. Returning fire is ineffective at either damaging RPC-030 or hindering its progress. In addition, RPC-030 appears to have a crew of male humans in what long-range observation reports to be an advanced stage of decomposition hereby referred to as RPC-030-1, other notable physical characteristics are that they appear to be clad in Argentine Naval Infantry uniforms appropriate for the early 1980s. From a distance they appear to perform basic task of maintenance and manning battle stations. It is unknown if they are sentient or not.

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