Item #: RPC-036

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-036's perimeter is to be secured by a 6cm steel fence, measuring no less than 4m in hight and topped with barbed wire. Every 20m a security camera is to be placed in a gap in the barbed wire. RPC-036's perimeter is to be monitored by Security Team Beta-7 for possible unauthorized entries, aforementioned individuals are to be put in indefinite detention and questioned.

Description: RPC-036 appears to be a rhombus with a glowing blue outline, 2m in height and 2m in width hovering .25m off the ground. RPC-036 can only be viewed from the south-west as a full rhombus, from the south and the west RPC-036 appears as a glowing blue line, from the east and north RPC-036 does not appear. If walked into from these directions subjects vanish. If walked into from the south or west whatever object makes contact with RPC-036 is cut, as if by a sharp blade. These are both seemingly painless, although the cut can lead to extreme, even fatal bloodloss.

From the front RPC-036 shows a shallow sea in what researchers estimate to be the Cambrian period of Earths prehistory. This is suspected because of several animals of the Cambrian age being seen through RPC-036. Mainly members of the anomalocaridid family. Creatures swimming by RPC-036 appear to not notice, nor appear to take any interest in RPC-036.

RPC-036 was discovered on ██/██/20██ in ██████ forest by two hikers, designated as Subject-1 and Subject-2. Upon discovery Subject-1 placed their hand and wrist through RPC-036 from the south-west. After Subject-1 placed their hand through RPC-036 they claimed they felt a sharp pain and a feeling of tightness in their hand and wrist. Despite trying to remove their hand and wrist from RPC-036 Subject-1 was unable to. While in RPC-036 Subject-1's hand and wrist shrunk to a small, fetal like hand which then disintegrated into a light pink liquid. At this point Subject-1 was able to remove their arm. Subject-2 rushed Subject-1 to the nearest Hospital where the Authority was notified of their presence. After the collection, detention and questioning Subject-2 claimed that they had visited the same spot last week, and that RPC-036 was not present.

Addendum: Incursion 001
On ██/██/20██ a Anomalocaris, hence forth to be referred to as RPC-036-1, seemed to take notice of RPC-036. After swimming near and around RPC-036, RPC-036-1 attempted to swim through RPC-036. Unlike Subject-1, RPC-036-1 seemed to rapidly evolve as it passed through RPC-036. After fully passing through RPC-036-1 appeared similar to a blue-green Japanese Spider Crab, with an Anomalocaris head in front of where a crabs "face" would be and with the cheliped replaced by thin, armored hands. RPC-036-1 was now roughly 1.5m tall and .5m long. After passing through RPC-036, RPC-036-1 showed primitive signs of intelligence. When members of Security Team Beta-7 arrived RPC-036-1 responded in a hostile manner. In defensive actions RPC-036-1 was terminated. The carcass of RPC-036-1 is currently under study at site ██.

Addendum: Experiment 001
On █/██/20██ two Class D personnel designated Subject-3 and Subject-4 were brought to RPC-036, along with .25 gallons of varied liquids from the corpse of RPC-036-1 brought from site ██. Subject-3 was instructed to replicate the events of RPC-036's discovery, this had similar results and Subject-3 was hospitalized in site ██. Subject-4 was also instructed to replicate the events of RPC-036's discovery, but its arm was to be covered in the various liquids from RPC-036-1. Subject-4 found that they could easily remove their arm and no disintegration happened. Subject-4 was administered a class-A amnestic.

Addendum: Experiment 002
On █/██/20██ three stones, one dating back to a pre-Cambrian era (Stone-1), one formed in recent years at Hawaii (Stone-2) and the third being a meteor that recently landed in ████████, Russia (Stone-3). Stone-1 was placed through RPC-036, Stone-1 was unaffected and sunk to the bottom of the shallow sea. When Stone-2 was placed through RPC-036 it rapidly heated up, turning into magma and then reforming into a sedimentary rock. This all occurred as the Stone-2 sunk very slowly. Stone-3 refused to enter RPC-036, it reacted to RPC-036's opening as if it was a wall.

Addendum: Experiment 003
On █/██/20██ a single Class D subject, designated Subject-5, was brought to RPC-036, along with 1 gallon of various liquids from the body of RPC-036-1. Subject-5 was placed inside a scuba suit with 45 minutes of air, and was then coated in the RPC-036-1 liquids. Subject-5 was tasked with collecting non-organic materials from the other side of RPC-036. Subject-5 was able to collect 7 stones from the other side of RPC-036 before the RPC-036-1 liquids eventually washed off after roughly 25 minutes. All of Subject-5 clothing disintegrated as their shrunk into a fetus-like form before dissolving.

Addendum: Incursion 002
On █/██/20██ a second Anomalocaris swam through RPC-036, upon passing through it became a second instance of RPC-036-1. When Security Team Beta-7 responded it was specifically informed to use non-lethal force to detain the instance of RPC-036-1. Three deer tranquilizers were used to subdue RPC-036-1. RPC-036-1 was transported to site ██, where it is kept in a humanoid containment chamber with a medium sized pool of water its lower right corner, 2-inches of sand over the floor and is fed fish twice a day. Intelligence tests are administered bi-weekly on RPC-036-1. Researchers suspect RPC-036-1 is sentient.

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