RPC-037 at the auction before recovery.

Item #: RPC-037

Object Class: Beta
Containment Protocols: RPC-037 is to be kept in RPC-048's Anomalous Objects wing, per protocol 048-ExOre, code phrase bljuː-nɑːr-tɛt-███-██-███-████.

Barring test scenarios, RPC-037's lid is to remain closed so as to prevent reading. If personnel read RPC-037 outside of a test scenario, they are advised to stand still and wait for assistance or contemplate the reading until they can invent at least three possible interpretations.

Description: RPC-037 appears to be a magnetic compass approximately 10cm in diameter. Any reading taken from RPC-037 will direct the observer towards the nearest threat. will direct the observer away from the nearest threat. will indicate a direction which, if heeded in any way, will invariably lead the observer towards the nearest threat. Current working theories suggest that this is done telepathically. RPC-037 cannot control one's actions, manipulate the environment, or see into the future. RPC-037 is only capable of controlling the heading of it's needle.

RPC-037 was initially recovered by the Authority in the auction of Professor ██████'s estate. Professor ██████ was an avid explorer and treasure hunter, and died under mysterious circumstances. He was found at the bottom of a ravine, with RPC-037 on his person. Professor ██████'s personal records say that he purchased the object from a collection of artifacts recovered from the wreck of the H.M.S. ████████.

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