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Item #: RPC-047

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-047 is to be contained in an custom Beta 12x12x12 holding cell at custom built Site-███. RPC-047's airtight door must be guarded by two standard-geared security personnel with experimental custom gas protection apparatus, which involves [REDACTED]. RPC-047's holding cell can only be accessed by high-level staff or confirmed testers, which also must be accompanied by one standard security guard with another custom gas protection apparatus for themselves.

All testing is to be observed by at least two staff researchers and four custom-geared security personnel. After testing is finished, the custom built air vents in each corner of RPC-047's containment cell are to be immediately activated. After all contents have been removed, all stored instances of RPC-047 must be immediately disposed of.

If a containment breach is in effect, all staff must be immediately removed from Site-███. Any on-site security are to obtain one set of RPC-047 containment gear. All security from this point are to as safely as possible activate the emergency air vents on Site-███. If this is not possible, security must use their experimental [REDACTED].

After on-site security has re-contained RPC-047, staff may enter Site-███ after site has been thoroughly checked.

Description: RPC-047 is (Currently) a 13 item collection of M18 military-grade smoke grenades of unknown manufacturer, with each grenade named RPC-047-XX, respectively. Each grenade is of varying quality, with RPC-047-03, RPC-047-09, and RPC-047-012, showing dents massive scratch marks, all in varying space of each scratch. All items are in groups of color, five of which are black, four are dark green, three are orange, and one that is yellow. All items show no extra properties related to color.

Anomalous properties are shown when any of the grenades are activated. Smoke will start spewing out after half a second and will always fill RPC-047's containment cell, although in larger spaces it acts as a standard smoke grenade. After the room has been completely filled, testers have reported seeing vague humanoids in the smoke, and have described them as bipedal, of varying height, and quickly fade away as soon as testers have reported them, making them impossible to track. These anomalies have been named RPC-047-1-13, due to none of these anomalies ever being the same, and of them being in separate grenades. Whether this is either a coincidence, or due to each anomaly being in its own grenade, is unknown.

At random times, usually around three minutes after a grenade has been used, anomalies of a random quantity will attack testers, a common method being scratches, bites, and grabbing in an attempt to "drag in" the tester deeper into the smoke. Although these anomalies have no organic composition, all attacks have shown to be very real, all resistance has shown negative results, and has caused the current anomalies to act with more aggression. All attempts to defend oneself from these anomalies have met negative results. Objects such as projectiles or handheld weapons phase through anomalies (see experiment log). All testers have been overwhelmed no matter how physically fit or intelligent they are, with the longest running test being only eight minutes (see experiment log). The only effective way to re-contain or escape an RPC-047-XX is to either remove themselves from the area and to emergency lock all doors in the area. All grenades expire after ten minutes. It is unknown how many anomalies are in one instance of RPC-047-XX.

Discovery: RPC-047 and its respective sub-items were reported by the American military in ██████, Wisconsin. RPC-047 was reported as a "faulty collection", dismissed as a factory mishap, until military personnel disposed the grenades by activating them in an open field. There was a reported amount of ██ casualties, and was immediately reprimanded by RPC Authorities. Any witnesses have been given proper detaining, and media was edited to report it as a "sudden fragmentation grenade failure".

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