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Site Director Jacobs,

The Board has come to a decision regarding Incident 049-01 and the containment of RPC-049. Please utilize RPC-040-B to terminate RPC-049. Failure to comply will be met with disciplinary action and possible debriefing.

Thank you.
Global Director 04


Janet Neuman, ██/██/1949.


Item #: RPC-049

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: RPC-049 is currently roaming the halls of Site-002 in various sectors due to no known method of containing/binding RPC-049 into one static place nor such procedure is deemed necessary by Site Director Jacobs.

RPC-049's current location can be located by contacting the active supervisor James Callaghan (duty hours 00:00-12:00) or Roland Springfield (duty hours 12-00-00:00).

RPC-049 may be terminated with RPC-040-B. However, Site Director Jacobs has personally requested The Board of Directors to restrict the usage.

Description: RPC-049 is a projection produced by RPC-040-A of the former Site-002 archivist assigned to the Human Resources division, named Janet Neuman. RPC-049 appears as a woman in her late twenties measuring 167cm tall with a slim build and retains Archivist Neuman's facial features, albeit in a gray monotone.

During a containment breach dated 01/02/1957, Archivist Neuman ran into RPC-040-A during its powered state and was instantly dematerialized. However, unlike other projections produced by RPC-040-A, RPC-049 has a free will and continues her job archiving files around the site.

During the initial facility sweep, Janitor ████ noticed that a certain researcher's office is neatly organized, despite the severely damaged state of the facility. RPC-049 was only discovered during the extended facility sweep 2 days after the breach when several researchers observed RPC-049 repeatedly swiping its keycard into the archive room's scanner.1

RPC-049 is capable of phasing through solid objects of any composition not exceeding 30 centimeters in diameter perpendicular to RPC-049; a trait that has not yet discovered by the researchers working on RPC-040.

RPC-049 does not respond to external stimulants but completely understood which files needed archiving. Site Director Holloman Jacobs has allowed RPC-049 to roam freely about Site-002, deemed to be useful to the Authority.

RPC-049 is capable of utilizing sorting carts, open doors with electronic keycards and operate computers, albeit at a slower pace compared to Archivist Neuman's average daily performance. RPC-049 sorts and archives file 24 hours a day, ignoring opening hours or holidays.

RPC-049 has been observed to sit and sleep in the break room and visit the sixth-floor observation deck (reported by Archivist Neuman's colleagues as her favorite spot). Despite RPC-049's unsettling appearance, Site-002 personnel has not expressed any displeasure towards RPC-049.

As of June 2018, RPC-049 has been recognized as Site-002's employee of the month, 786 times in a row.

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