Registered Phenomena Code: 054

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-054 and all instances of RPC-054-2 are to be contained in a habitat enclosure space at Site-██ measuring 5x6 meters in size. Use of bulletproof glass is approved for observation but will be shuttered with three inches of steel when using remote observation. The opening of the chamber will only be authorized by an on-site facility manager and in the presence of no fewer than three armed MST with full body armor. Feeding will take place twice a day involving the specific food delivery unit in the enclosure to minimize exposure, and will consist of four to five pounds of raw meat. Any instances of RPC-054 that expire while in custody are to be recovered and burned as soon as possible. See containment log 054-A for further information. Entry door should be maintained with regular cleaning using manual fire torches or automated burner system in order to keep RPC-054 from blocking access or setting up traps inside the chamber. See containment log 054-B for more details. Furthermore, those working with the Authority that has listed arachnophobia as an issue in their psych profile cannot be stationed at Site-██. The current procedure for extraction of instances showing necrotic signs is to flood the chamber with standard grade anesthesia and retrieval using MST onsite with flame units on standby. Once the death is confirmed, the body will be extracted and brought to testing.

Description: RPC-054 is an arachnid of unknown genealogy. Having some relation to the Huntsman Spider, or the more nimble variant nicknamed ‘Banana spider’. However, it's massive size is what identifies it most notably. Being large enough to engulf a human head in its appendages, or match the size of a medium build dog, our largest recorded instance being 1m in height when resting and 1.5m from forelimb to rear legs, weight approximating at 31.7kg. RPC-054 has exhibited anomalous features in web composition and construction. The web fiber produced by RPC-054 can be linked to carbon fiber, causing irritation and mild pain when exposed to skin or airborne contact, and showing an extreme tensile strength of over 41kg of induced stress before serving. Similarly, RPC-054’s body has shown to be covered in a material likewise to carbon fiber, the sensory hairs on the body proving to cut through standard hazardous suits and human tissue alike. RPC-054 has an extended lifecycle of one year depending on diet, expiring of natural causes and swiftly taken apart, consumed by other members of the nest. Originally it was thought this was a natural act of a hive mind using all tools at its disposal, but there is reason to believe any deceased instance that is not torn apart is to bait staff to enter the chamber, as RPC-054 has exhibited signs that it understands what the Authority is doing for some time now. RPC-054 has a habit of making communal webs and singular webs, some members of the collective choosing to inhabit the same space, while older or sick members occupy isolated areas.

RPC-054 was found after a class I viral outbreak was reported in the region of Australia. Multiple MST units responded once contact with the local political adviser was established and information about the outbreak had been shared. The Authority had agreed to contain the situation and purge the area of all life under the guise of a routine ‘controlled burn’ of the forest. Deaths related to the incident of Operation Controlled Burn have been addressed using a ‘camping incident’ cover story that was broadcasted through local news outlets for one day, and then gagged. The infected area consisted of a 5km ‘red zone’ around the █████████ national park.

Enclosed is the preliminary contact with RPC-054-2 by MST unit ‘Peacekeepers’. Names have been removed in the interest of the members involved, as psych evals are still underway.

Containment log: RPC personnel retrieved a recently deceased body of RPC-054 for dissection and counteracting methods of location and retrieval operations. Two days later, another instance of RPC-054 exhibited the same symptoms and then expired. Upon retrieval, RPC-054 attacked the retrieving scientist and caused massive damage to hazmat suit before ‘biting’ the scientist on the back of the neck, attempting to take control of the body, which will now be labeled as RPC-054-2. RPC-054-2 was the dragged out of the chamber since the damage was not known at the time; reanimation occurred ten minutes after bite and bonding of the parasite. RPC-054-2 was then vocalizing his pain and distress, attempting to grab at anyone close enough. Fangs protruding from the neck, then began to foam before spitting a form of toxin as its defense, the skin contact samples indicate a rapid breakdown of cell structure, as seen by the sudden blackening of the skin, before moisture is removed from the site of contact, and the part or limb afflicted falls off, as seen by a deep pitting of the pores as they become arid and caustic with decayed outflow depending on the area afflicted. During this breach, one member of the security team was injured, losing part of his shoulder, and one scientist was killed due to direct contact with the toxin to facial extremities. RPC-054-2 was contained in the habitat chamber and seemed to be accepted by the others, then communicated to staff through the door that “The hive will be free”. Further attempts using D-class expendable personnel to speak to the supposed hive mind have met with failure, a hypothesis is that the level of intelligence in the host correlates to the intelligence in the parasite. Further use of D-Class personnel has been suspended until further notice.

RPC-054 Has shown to have learning intelligence. As of ██████, RPC-054 had been seen attacking the door in an attempt to cut or poison its way through the steel, often spitting its venom or throwing its body in frustration. Then later, as of ██████; During a web cleaning sweep, the team entering was attacked by RPC-054 that had hidden in thick webs by the doorway. Two of the team was bitten, and the last escaped with one instance still attempting to bond. MST was quick to save this member by manually pulling RPC-054 off of the personal and using small arms to dispatch the creature, but the two inside were locked in while flame units were being requested. It took a total of thirty minutes to begin seeing signs of higher intelligence in the two instances, and Dr. Franks took it upon himself to hold an interview via a microphone fed in through the feeding port to capture audio. The following is a recorded interview with RPC-054-2.

It was then that both instances of RPC-054-2 simultaneously snapped their own necks, the spiders climbing off and leaving the bodies where they lay. As the site staff was processing this transcript and informing the site manager of the conclusion, the bodies of the deceased began to convulse violently, within ten minutes of separation, the bodies exploded around the midsection as estimated four, to five new instances of RPC-054 manifested themselves from the stomach of the bodies. These instances have been individually captured and terminated, as all showed signs of even greater lengths of intelligence, confirming that each host somehow passes on the sentience and intelligence into the newer creatures.


Current policy for RPC-054 is studying for countermeasures and plan for additional instances. As they are a recurring anomaly, and potential ‘end-of-the-world’ class threat judging by the hostility and records, class Gamma has been assigned. For any reports of infestations, follow ‘Controlled Burn’ operation manual and burn an 8km zone around the infected area, the capture of more instances of RPC-054 is not required unless directed by the site manager. Since containment, RPC-054 has somehow passed word through what we can only assume is a hive mind network to other colonies, telepathic links that humans are only aware of in the manifestation of arachnophobia as each outbreak seems to adapt better and better to our efforts since capture, meaning the hive mind has had ████ to study us! I highly suggest The Board start taking action to begin a global extermination effort before 054 has a chance to adapt, and my personal thoughts on the reference to a 'Mother' only leads me to believe somewhere is an entity that knows of all our doings and may be key to extermination, or at least solid containment. Hell, at least we know the reason so many people have the same fear of spiders.

From the desk of Dr. █████

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