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Item #: RPC-058

Object Class: Neutralized

Containment Protocols: RPC-058 must be contained within secure locker 54A in the 'Low Hazard' section of Site-06. Storage locker 54A must be kept locked at all times, the key is to be held by Dr. █████████. No further testing with RPC-58 is to be undertaken as it has been deemed by Dr. █████████ to be of no use to the Authority and a 'waste of resources.'

Description: RPC-058 is an unremarkable book, that no longer yields any anomalous effect when used, read, looked upon, or when any other action is performed. RPC-058 previously held a cognito-hazardous effect when looked upon that compelled the reader to read the book. The reason for the disappearance of the anomalous effect is unknown.

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