Item #: RPC-061

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-061 is to be kept in Room 042 at Minimal Containment Site 11-A at all times. Room is maintained at constant temperature and humidity, with soft lighting, to avoid potential environmental damage to RPC-061. Personnel with level 2 clearance and above are allowed access to RPC-061.

Description: RPC-061 is a hard-bound black-cover bold text copy of the King James Version of the Holy Bible. The copyright page indicates that RPC-061 was published by National Publishing Company (Hereafter NPC) in Philadelphia in 1889; however, radiocarbon dating of the object has yielded results indicating it was made in [REDACTED]. The quality and condition of RPC-061, if such testing is true, are unexplained as of 20██.

Inscribed, in pencil, on the inside cover of RPC-061 are the words, "Avery — God is love and love is God. May 21 1901." On the back inside cover, in different handwriting and in pen, are the words, "Your Father's Book. Cherish it as we have. June 1960." No other inscriptions from previous owners or users are to be found within RPC-061.

The content of RPC-061 is virtually identical to the content of other King James Version Bibles produced by NPC at the end of the nineteenth century. The anomalous properties of RPC-061 become apparent when individuals read from the New Testament. In places that would normally feature the name "Jesus," however, the reader instead sees his or her own first name. Whether this applies when multiple subjects read the same page of RPC-061 remains to be seen as of 200█. Furthermore, the content of the book appears in the native language of the reader. As of ██████ ██, 20██, the content of the book has been read in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Danish, Dutch, Scots, Gaelic, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Hokkien, Japanese, Korean, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Swahili, [DATA EXPUNGED]. There have been no observable changes to the margins or length of the book despite these differences in language. Furthermore, individuals have been found to be fluent in Aramaic; however, they prefer to speak in English in all cases.

After approximately three to twenty-six hours of having read any parts of the New Testament in RPC-061, readers begin to exhibit a change in behavior, the nature of which fully manifest approximately within forty hours of reading. Regardless of gender, age, and all other physical or demographic attributes, readers claim to be Jesus Christ. Subjects adopt personality traits typically associated with Jesus Christ both in the Bible and in popular culture, including aversion to violence (Except in instances of [REDACTED]; see Experiment 061-03 or footage of [DATA EXPUNGED]), humility, charity, chastity, temperance, and so on. If subjects exhibited these character traits prior to reading, they manifest themselves far more intensely. These traits align incredibly closely with the traditional "seven Heavenly virtues." However, it should be noted that these virtues take a prominent place in Catholic, and not Anglican, theology1. The speech of subjects is similarly altered to accurately reflect the verbiage of the King James Version. The subject almost always becomes intensely interested in discussing topics and ideas he or she has been exposed to in RPC-061.

Behavioral changes induced by RPC-061 may be reversed through application of class A amnestics. Application of amnestics has an approximate 92% chance of success. In the other eight percent of cases, subjects are reduced to [DATA EXPUNGED]. No other methods have been found to reverse the effects of RPC-061 as of ████ █, 20██.

On more than one occasion, subjects have been shown to exhibit [REDACTED]. When these [REDACTED] manifest, they are usually closely related to the content of RPC-061 read by the subject. Subjects seem cognizant of their lives up to the moments of their personality changes; whether this is due to [REDACTED], or is simply retention of consciousness, remains to be seen.

Acquisition: On ███ ██, 197█, Dr. Neale received a package containing RPC-061 and a note reading, "In Christ the Lord be all answers, all hopes, and all the love and joy of man." There was no stamp or return address. Authority efforts to determine the sender of RPC-061 were fruitless until █████ █, 200█, when Agents [REDACTED] traveled to the home of one Avery ██████ and his wife, Mary, approximately 50km from [REDACTED]. ██████ and his wife, after questioning, revealed that they had sent RPC-061 to Dr. Neale, and had [REDACTED] since 190█. Though Authority personnel were invited to conduct further experiments on the ██████s, they vanished without a trace, and have not been found as of 20██. Dr. Neale began exhibiting the typical effects of RPC-061 approximately three days after he received the package. He was successfully administered a class A amnestic, and shortly thereafter RPC-061 received its designation and was turned over to Authority personnel for cataloging.

Experiment 061-01

Date: September 9, 197█
Observer: Dr. Neale
Subject: D-99934
Content: Luke 13:1-22
Time to onset: Almost instantaneuous shift in behavior three hours and fifty-two minutes following reading.
Results: Subject spoke at length with Dr. Neale on the subject of childbearing and parenting. Subject administered class A amnestic after five hours in changed state. Dr. Neale, to this point unmarried with no children at the age of forty-eight, expressed his earnest hope to be married and have several children. Ultimately married on March 20, 197█ and fathered six children before retirement.

Experiment 061-02

Date: December 24, 197█
Observer: Dr. Neale
Subject: D-44822. Fluent in English and French, but native tongue is Arabic.
Content: Luke 2:4-16
Time to onset: Subject, previously irritable and clinically depressed, exhibited change in behavior to become calm and generally content, starting six hours after reading. Full change in personality completed two hours later, approximately two minutes after midnight on the 25th.
Results: Subject spoke with Neale extensively on the meaning of love, charity, sacrifice, and giving. Subject then requested to speak with Dr. Carrion2. Twenty minutes later, Dr. Carrion entered the room. Subject requested to speak privately with Dr. Carrion; Dr. Neale moved to opposite corner of the room and plugged his ears. After several moments, Dr. Carrion left, seemingly in shock. Subject administered class A amnestic after three hours in changed state. Dr. Carrion, when questioned about what D-44822 said to her, stated that he had told her that her father "was so proud of her," and intimated several details of their relationship known only to her and her father. Dr. Carrion's father died in an automobile accident in 195█ when she was seventeen years of age.

Experiment 061-03

Date: April 5, 198█
Observer: Dr. Zhang
Subject: D-51059. Fluent only in Japanese.
Content: John 2:13-17
Time to onset: Twenty-three hours after reading, subject exhibited personality changes. Full changes took effect thirty minutes later.
Results: Subject spoke on the topics of righteousness and greed with Dr. Zhang. After content of previous experiment, Dr. Zhang decided to bring in D-31900, a man convicted of money laundering, fraud, and theft. Subject castigated D-31900, calling him "an agent proxy of the fallen angels of Satan." After D-31900 attempted to defend his actions, subject grabbed a plastic chair and began beating D-31900 with it. Security personnel called in to detain subject. D-31900 treated for minor bruising and cuts. Subject immediately administered class A amnestic after D-31900 was taken from room.

Experiment 061-04

Date: November 22, 199█
Observer: Dr. Anderson and Dr. Zhang
Subject: D-51059. Fluent in English, but native tongue is Xhosa.
Content: Matthew 5:27-30
Time to onset: Subject exhibited changes to behavior within a ten-minute span approximately three hours and fifteen minutes after exposure to RPC-061.
Results: Subject spoke with Drs. Anderson and Zhang on the topic of adultery, love (romantic, platonic, and of God), and sin more broadly. Female prostitute, considered highly attractive by Drs. [DATA EXPUNGED] and ten surveyed Class-D personnel, by the name of ███ ██████ was introduced to subject and attempted to seduce him. Subject gracefully refused all attempts at sexual intercourse and said, "I said of the body I would not partake; and to my Father I shall keep my word." Both Ms. ██████ and subject administered class-A amnesiacs; however, subject went into convulsions, followed quickly thereafter by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Experimentation with RPC-061 suspended until January 1, 200█ by order of Dr. [REDACTED].

Experiment 061-05

Date: January 13, 200█
Observer: Dr. Anderson and Dr. Petrius
Subject: D-84992
Content: Mark 5:2-13
Time to onset: Change of behavior observed exactly six hours after exposure to RPC-061. Completion of change noted two hours following.
Results: Subject was introduced to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject immediately proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. Anderson suffered broken leg and both arms broken; Dr. Petrius suffered severe concussion and several broken ribs. Both given absence of leave for six months for full physical and psychological recovery. Subject administered class A amnestic twenty minutes after full onset of behavioral changes.

Experiment 061-06

Date: August 20, 200█
Observer: Dr. Anderson3
Subject: D-43194
Content: John 3:16-18; Matthew 27:35-50
Time to onset: Seventeen hours after exposure, subject instantaneously adopted new persona.
Results: After lengthy discussion with Dr. Anderson on the topics of platonic love, the greater good, and sacrifice, Subject began bleeding profusely from his hands, feet, head, and back. Subject went into shock thirty seconds after conclusion of conversation and died approximately one minute later. Medics unable to resuscitate subject. Subject's remains disposed of. Dr. Anderson formally requested Dr. [REDACTED] for permission to no longer conduct experiments with RPC-061; permission granted.

Experiment 061-07

Date: April 3, 200█
Observer: Dr. Salvadore
Subject: D-210054
Content: 1 Corinthians 11:23-34
Time to onset: Onset of changes apparent approximately nine hours after reading. Gradual changes in personality until transformation deemed complete twenty hours later.
Results: Subject spoke on [REDACTED] and, after several minutes of conversation, began to show signs of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject terminated by on-duty Security Officers immediately.

Experiment 061-08

Date: June 30, 200█
Observer: Dr. Salvadore
Subject: D-84759
Content: Matthew 8:1-15
Time to onset: Nineteen hours after reading, subject exhibited complete personality change.
Results: Three Class-D personnel introduced into chamber, all suffering from various illnesses. First Class-D personnel, suffering from advanced stages of leprosy, was approached by subject and immediately healed of his ailment after being touched on the forehead. Second Class-D personnel, suffering from a late-stage infection of AIDS, was healed in a similar fashion. Third Class-D personnel, suffering from [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject afterward successfully administered class A amnestic.

Experiment 061-09

Date: December 2, 200█
Observer: Dr. Salvadore
Subject: D-59913
Content: Luke 1:29-34
Time to onset: Immediate change four hours and fifty-eight minutes after first exposure to RPC-061.
Results: Subject raised his arms into the air and closed his eyes. Dr. Salvadore made assumption that subject was praying; despite repeated attempts to communicate with Subject, he did not respond or move. Dr. Salvadore hypothesized that subject was in a trance and was unable to communicate with the outside world. Subject remained in this position for approximately nine hours. Administration of class A amnestic suspended by order of Dr. [REDACTED]. Subject moved to isolated holding cell with basic amenities until further notice.

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