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Item #: RPC-063

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: RPC-063 is to remain at its current location within OL-Site-72C, and any requests to either conduct experiments or enter the containment cell are to be approved by the onsite Chief Researcher.

The containment cell is fitted with walls that are designed to produce a magnetic field around the cell. Due to security concerns and at the request of the Site Director, onsite security is managed by a Mobile Strike Force assigned within the OL-Site. Authority personnel that have religious affiliation of Catholicism are prohibited to enter, or be near OL-Site-72C by a thirty meter radius.

In the event of a containment breach, security resources are to be diverted to the retrieval of RPC-063, and is to be considered a top-level priority.

Description: RPC-063 is a humanoid entity that is measured to be at 1.43 meters high and weighs 40 kilograms. RPC-063 does not appear to display any kind of intimation of clothing nor physical structure in any way,1 which can be contributed by its darkened epidermis which makes RPC-063 almost unidentifiable in terms of facial or physical identification, however; the only identifiable structure of RPC-063 is its distinctive white pupils and the clear translucency of its bone structure of the hands. Nevertheless, RPC-063 is considered to be sentient and shows high functioning intelligence upon close observation.

Close observation on RPC-063 have shown that RPC-063 possess phase shifting properties that enables RPC-063 to change from a physical form to a non-physical form. Essentially, this ability allows RPC-063 to jump into people's dreams, and would feed on a subject's phobia that the subject may have. RPC-063 purposefully targets subjects that have a form of religious affiliation with Catholicism, but will also target those who intimidates or threatens RPC-063 in any way. Furthermore, RPC-063 somehow physically shifts through the shadows as a means of concealment or means of transferring one place to another.

RPC-063 has been observed to remain dormant until it's need to instigate and covet on a subjects phobia upon presenting itself, to which RPC-063 will immediately institute a persecuting atmosphere with both visual and auditory hallucinations of the subject's phobia, which will cause the subjects heart rate to fall into a ventricular tachycardia (VT) and may degenerate into a ventricular fibrillation (VF) in longer periods. Upon immediate exposure to the anomalous effects, subjects can be observed to immediately go into a panicked state and will either attempt to harm themselves, or harm others within their surrounding area.

It was clear by many researchers that RPC-063 was coherently mute as this was evident by previous attempts to communicate with RPC-063 have been met with responses by via messages left on the wall of its containment cell. Following the revelations in the recent interview conducted by Dr. ███████, it became apparent that RPC-063 was quite capable of speaking, and was also able to communicate in multiple languages. (See Addendum 063.02)

Discovery: In January 3rd, 1969, following the discovery of the remains of a senior researcher within an RPC Authority facility, a subsequent investigation was launched onto the matter and had determined that an anomalous activity took place. Upon further investigations of the incident, security footage had initially identified and discovered RPC-063 walking through the hallways before subsequently disappearing upon glancing towards the security camera. Furthermore, the researcher was a devoted catholic who attends the local cathedral in ██████, South Dakota, USA, which investigators have also discovered that 82% of the attendees within that cathedral have been either missing; or found deceased within their homes.

Further investigations onto the cathedral lead the Authority straight to the Catholic Church, whom had been contacted for any prior information or knowledge regarding RPC-063. Surprisingly, the church had acknowledged the existence of RPC-063 since its first reported sighting in the Protestant Reformation, and all documents relating to the RPC were transferred to the Authority under a lease granted by the Pope.

According to historical documents that traces its era to the late 17th century, stationary operatives from the defunct Catholic Church's Psychological Initiative Occult2 had initially reported RPC-063 in March 23rd, 1642, when RPC-063 had been witnessed by locals to have disappeared from a local church; which lead PIO operatives to discover the deceased corpses of catholic followers within the building. Furthermore, the documents lack any references of any attempts to contain RPC-063 which was elaborated by the Church that they had limited resources, and the lacking of methods to contain RPC-063 at that time. Nonetheless, the PIO was ordered by Pope Urban VIII to suppress any such reporting of RPC-063 to ensure that the credibility of the church isn't damaged prior to these incidents. The last reported sighting by the PIO of RPC-063 was in 1650.

In ██/██/1972, embedded operatives within the South Dakota Highway Patrol have managed to locate the whereabouts of RPC-063 to an abandoned church near Sisseton, South Dakota, where a platoon of a Mobile Strike Team was dispatched to apprehend RPC-063. However, the Mobile Strike Team had face issues upon arriving at the church, which according to the after-action report; MST members had reported that RPC-063 began attacking upon his team encountering RPC-063, and his team had sustained major casualties resulting in the escapement of RPC-063.

However, the surveillance and tracking of RPC-063 had lead them to an underground cemetery near the ███████, South Dakota, where a specialized Mobile Strike Team was sent in and had met the same misfortune as the previous team, but managed to contain and transport RPC-063 to Site-██.

Addendum 063.01: Aftermath of Containment.

Initially, following the containment of RPC-063 by the Mobile Strike Team, RPC-063 was ordered by the Global Directors to be relocated to OL-Site-72C as this was lightened by RPC-063's recent behavior to nearly cause the Site into the brink of multiple containment breaches, when two Authority Security Force guards were comprised when coming into contact with RPC-063, and had began attacking onsite personnel. Furthermore, RPC-063 had attempted to sabotage the Site's power grid, where it would've caused further damage to the Site.

Addendum 063.02: Interview Log-063-██.

Dr. ███████ conducted numerous interviews with RPC-063, they attempted to extract as much information as possible about the subject's history and other essential information to understand the subject, which many haven't came with any tangible results.

However, on June 23rd, █████, RPC-063 had eventually communicated with Dr. ███████, but spoke fluently in English during the interview. The following excerpt is an interview between Dr. ███████ and RPC-063.

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