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Item #: RPC-064

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-064 is to be contained in a Faraday cage, and to be kept unplugged except during testing.

Description: RPC-064 is a 56k dial-up modem of unknown origin. The router has a black plastic finish with the words 'gaming edition' printed in white Lucida Sans.

When plugged in, RPC-064 will cause anomalous phenomena to manifest in the area around it, with a radius of approximately 50 meters. These phenomena are primarily temporal, but also are occasionally physical. These effects include:

  • Formation of temporary fixed time loops, which tend to persist for five to ten iterations before resolving.
  • Alteration of velocity, causing objects to freeze, before moving rapidly to their intended position
  • Temporary loss of the ability of sapient beings to interact with non-organic objects
  • Rapid opening and closing of doors upon interaction with a human.
  • Humans experience significantly delayed reaction times.
  • Random visual substitutions of objects within the area. The effect persists until leaving the area.
  • Objects that are handled will occasionally leave afterimages.

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