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RPC-070 with an instance of RPC-070-1.

Item #: RPC-070

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: RPC-070 along is to be held in a medium humanoid containment cell decorated to look like a 1950s era living room along with any active instances of RPC-070-1. Any entrances to RPC-070's containment cell should be filled in with cement, security cameras are to placed in all four corners. One wall should be a reverse mirror for Authority researchers to observe RPC-070's feeding cycle.

Description: RPC-070 appears as a 2m tall male in between the ages of 40 and 80, usually around 60 or 70, wearing a blue sports coat, a white dress shirt and dress pants, along with a black tie. At the base of the neck 4 red-brown tentacles around 1m long with a black, bone beak in the middle. RPC-070 posses no ability to speak, it is suspected that RPC-070 may posses some form of telepathy.

RPC-070 appears in the home of a widowed woman above the age of 70 exactly a week after their partner's passing. Any people living in the home become instances of RPC-070-1. Instances of RPC-070-1 treat RPC-070 the same as they would treat the deceased family member, treating RPC-070 as if they have returned from a trip. Despite RPC-070's lack of ability to speak, instances of RPC-070-1 will have one sided conversations with RPC-070, including moments of silence followed by RPC-070-1 laughing. These are assumed to be jokes told by RPC-070. The widow instance of RPC-070-1 refers to RPC-070 by her partner's name, all other instance of RPC-070-1 refer RPC-070 as Grandpa, despite of their actual relationship with the deceased family member.

After living with the instances of RPC-070-1 for a week, RPC-070 will begin its feeding cycle, beginning to feed off the instances RPC-070-1, usually by biting off chunks of flesh. Instances of RPC-070-1 treat this like a normal act of affection. RPC-070-1 will ignore any bleeding caused by RPC-070, and these seem to cause no pain. RPC-070 will feed off each instance of RPC-070-1 once a day, even after their death. RPC-070 will stay in the home of RPC-070-1 until all instances of RPC-070-1 have been fully consumed, except for the Ulna, Femur, Fibula and the Mandible.

Upon the consumption of all instances of RPC-070-1, RPC-070 will travel to the exact center of the home's living room, arranging the bones in a circle around RPC-070. RPC-070 will then double over, ejecting 7.77 gallons of blood from its beak. When tested this blood comes from the instances of RPC-070-1, along with other unidentified people. After ejecting the blood RPC-070 will fall forward and become stationary for 7 hours. After the 7 hours RPC-070 will drag itself using its tentacles to the nearest exit and vanishing. After RPC-070 vanishes the bones will sink into the floor and disappear. RPC-070 then reappears a week later in another home, restarting the feeding cycle.

When RPC-070 finishes its feeding cycle in containment, RPC-070-1 will create an exit. This exit is referred to as RPC-070-2, and appears as a black painted door. RPC-070-2 fades into existence on the wall to the right of RPC-070. When RPC-070 opens RPC-070-2 a starscape can be seen. When members of the Authority open RPC-070-2 it opens to the wall. If not removed RPC-070-2 will vanish within a week.

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