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RPC-073 in his current form. Picture captured by Junior Researcher Yang on 29/6/20██


Item #: RPC-073

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-073 is to be kept in a humanoid cell at OL-Site-073, modified to have a 3.5 centimeter thick glass window overlooking Capitoline Hill, in Rome. The Cell is to be monitored by infrared and optical cameras at all times and any change in behavior by RPC-073 is to be reported to current Lead Researcher ████. All personnel assigned to RPC-073 are to be of Italian descent. See addendum 073-27-6-██. RPC-073 does not require sustenance, so there is no need for RPC-073 to be given food and water, and interaction outside of testing and interviews is to be kept to an absolute minimum. In the event of a containment breach, MST-Romeo-31 "Caesar's Legion" are to be dispatched to re-secure RPC-073.

Description: RPC-073 is a statue seemingly made out of marble, in Classical style, although composition appears to be organic in nature, and is unknown to the Authority at this time due to RPC-073's properties. RPC-073 currently takes the form of a standard Italian Infantryman, albeit with the face being perfectly smooth and no properties whatsoever (lack of eyes, nose, mouth, etc.), and a roman pilus attached to its backside. RPC-073 has been observed to “look” in seemingly random directions at times RPC-073, when active, faces towards the Capital of what it deems the “greatest threat” to Rome (see interview log 073-27-6-██). RPC-073 is known to become exceedingly hostile to non-italian Europeans, especially those of Germanic or British descent, to the point of attacking without provocation. The reaction has also been observed to occur with those of Iranian or middle-eastern descent, as shown by the deaths of Dr. ██████ and Lieutenant ██████ during a containment breach 073-13-6-19██. The pilus used as a weapon, despite the marble-like appearance, appears to have no need for sharpening, and has been observed to pierce ██ cm of steel. RPC-073 does not speak, or communicate with personnel in any way. See interview log 073-27-6-██. RPC-073 has been shown to have knowledge of Italian, Latin, and Ancient Chinese. The degree of its fluency in these languages other than Italian is yet to be seen, as RPC-073 interjects Latin into its regular Italian speech habitually, and has only spoken in Ancient Chinese once. RPC-073 can be goaded into conversation when in a docile or passive state, which is to be acted upon promptly for informative potential.


Addendum 073-27-6-██

In violation of protocol, Junior Researcher Yang, a shadow of former Lead Researcher ███████ and of Chinese descent, was present during observation on ██, ██, 20██. This lead to the first recorded communication from RPC-073, transcribed below and translated from Italian.

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