Item #: RPC-076

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-076 is to be kept in a containment locker in Site [REDACTED], with a distance of at least 70m kept between it and any vital site systems at all times. All floors and walls inside of Site [REDACTED], should be fitted with Braille or other touch based forms of markings in case of a containment breach. RPC-076 must NEVER be handled bare handed by Authority assets, failure to comply will result in disciplinary hearings with the appropriate staff.

During testing, RPC-076 must be placed within the dedicated testing chamber's centre, a lifeline may be used for test subjects, and any communication or tracking equipment used must be hard line as electromagnetic waves are ineffective.

Description: RPC-076 is a featureless black cube recovered from a crater in [REDACTED] by Agent Samantha1. The cube measures a uniform 5cm on each side, with sharp edges that have proved capable of cutting skin (See Incident 076-A). The faces of RPC-076 have proven impervious to most forms of cutting or drilling tools, including diamond tipped drill bits and high powered lasers.

The anomalous properties of RPC-076 manifest when a living sapient entity makes physical contact with the object. Upon contact, a spherical 50m radius field manifests which is visible as an absence of light and color in the affected region with no other distinguishing features. The sphere of influence ignores any current barrier used and has proven impenetrable to all forms of electromagnetic wave including radio waves, infrared or ultraviolet lights, visible light, xrays, and even gamma rays. Furthermore, testing has shown that when generated inside the sphere of influence, such waves do not propagate. This renders any beings caught within the sphere effectively totally blind. The sphere of influence persists until all sapient creatures have exited the sphere or died as per Incident 076-A.

The sphere of influence exhibits secondary anomalous properties on sentient beings. All test subjects who have undergone debriefing have described an intense feeling of 'being watched' while within RPC-076's sphere of influence. Of these subjects, roughly 40% said that they experienced whispers and an intense feeling that "something is trying to communicate". Many of these subjects were left traumatized and were subsequently terminated when they refused to perform additional tests. Beginning with Incident 076-A, a number of test subjects have also reported a feeling of peace and calm inside of the sphere. (See Log 076-3)

Interview Log:

Incidents Log:

The following documents comprise the field report from Agent Samantha, as well as the preliminary theories from Project W personnel.

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