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RPC-085 prior to recovery.

Item #: RPC-085

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-085 is to be contained in a soundproofed and sealed room. The object may not be moved from the room without the approval of at least one Level-3 personnel. RPC-085-1 is to be contained in the same cell and may not be moved from the room.

Description: RPC-085 is a black rotary dial telephone with a lobster as the telephone's handle. RPC-085 is one of the five examples of the Lobster Telephone1 created by Salvador Dalí. RPC-085 was discovered at Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt, 5/9/1996, when staff reported incidents of ringing without connection to a power source or phone line. RPC-085-1 is a painting that contains a figure that is mostly made up of lobster-like limbs, with the only visible human parts being the feet, unless covered by shoes and/or other clothing. The figure for RPC-085-1 claims to be a human male named Enrique Rubio and speaks either English or Spanish. Recent tests have shown that the figure in the painting is capable of changing its form and identity. When the figure does this, it has no knowledge of such a thing and nor does it know of any other figures that have appeared in the painting.


Figure in RPC-085-1.

Before anomalous events occur, the figure for RPC-085-1 appears to be a man wearing a trench coat, a pair of boots, and bowler hat in the middle of the canvas. Whenever RPC-085 becomes active, the figure in RPC-085-1 animates and begins to change appearance; the scenery in the painting and clothing worn by RPC-085-1 are also subject to change. When animated, the figure produces and dials a telephone, at which point RPC-085 will begin to ring. If RPC-085-1's call is ignored after the phone has ringed six times, RPC-085-1 will return to its original appearance.

In recent tests, it is shown that RPC-085-1 will appear on the painting, fully animated. At times, the containment cell will display signs of change in material, such as the walls being converted to an unknown type of stone and the floor becoming sand. After a certain amount of time, an ocean could be heard. After interaction is done, RPC-085 will return to its normal form.


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