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Item #: RPC-095

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-095 is to be stored in a Wide Anomalous Object Containment Cell (10m x 20m x 10m) at Site-14. RPC-095 may be accessed on request by Level-2 and above personnel with the purposes of creation and use of RPC-095-1 or research of RPC-095. All use of RPC-095 should be appropriately documented before an instance of RPC-095-1 is used (see Addendum 095-01 for more details on use).

Unless the instances of RPC-095-1 are for the benefit of the Authority on a whole, materials will not be provided (for more information on the materials and input RPC-095 can operate with, see Addendum 095-02). No instance of RPC-095-1 has shown anomalous properties and are thus currently open for use by all Authority staff.

Description: RPC-095 is a CNC router with several modifications: a console labeled "INPUT," a "plunger-like device" attached aside the drill bit, a "conveyor belt" placed alongside the bottom of the router's bed, a rectangular funnel labeled "MATERIAL," and a normally-closed gate labeled "PRODUCT." While this is an unfamiliar configuration, each process of the machine (besides the console) can be explained.

RPC-095-01 is the result of RPC-095 acting upon provided materials. The creation of RPC-095-01 typically follows this or a similar procedure:

  • The input of the description of RPC-095-01 to RPC-095 via the RPC-095's console.
  • The insertion of materials via the "MATERIAL funnel."
  • The construction of the RPC-095-1, using RPC-095's drill bit to remove material and RPC-095's "plunger" to orient parts (and occasionally apply pressure to a part).
  • The exporting of the finished RPC-095-1 via RPC-095's conveyor belt out of the "PRODUCT gate."

RPC-095's anomalous properties lie solely in its computational components. RPC-095 has gained some form of sapience (see Interview 095-01) beyond its initial "███████████████," but despite said sapience seems only interested in a singular task: the creation of chairs (finished products being designated as RPC-095-1).

RPC-095 seems to purposefully not acknowledge other subjects aside from chairs, only responding to non-chair related subjects after being deprived of its ability to create RPC-095-1. While RPC-095 is semi-benevolent, upon giving insufficient resources, impossible requests, aggressive input, or inexplicable feedback, has had "outbursts." These outbursts are limited to RPC-095's parts, but despite this limitation RPC-095 has shown retaliation in several forms: purposefully creating RPC-095-1 such that it breaks when used, sending expletives via the console, drawing expletives into RPC-095-1, drilling provided materials into dust over the course of several hours, and simply not producing an instance of RPC-095-1.

Message from Site Director
Based on the request of Dr. █████, personnel of Site-14 with at least Level-2 clearance are permitted to use RPC-095 for the creation of personal office chairs. So long that they provide their own components, document the instance of RPC-095-1, and be responsible for the needed upkeep of RPC-095 after use.

Over many uses of RPC-095, the following has been determined regarding inputs and materials:

  • RPC-095 seems to be able to produce an instance of RPC-095-1 with bare or unpreferable resources, but the quality of RPC-095-1 is proportional to the quality of the material given.
  • Materials used for carpentry such as nails, screws, fabric, and wood will typically suffice.
  • RPC-095 has repeatedly given critique on the choice of materials, recommending different types of wood.
  • Given a material that is inconvenient or impossible to work with, RPC-095 will either ask that the material is removed from the router bed or return the material upon completing RPC-095-01.
  • Materials are organized shortly after entering into the router bed (this is not necessarily anomalous, but cannot be studied easily without overly invasive procedures).
  • As RPC-095 can decide if a resource is practical, it can be inferred that there is an unseen sensor within RPC-095.
  • Unintelligible input will typically produce no response
  • Misspelled words, however, will typically be inferred as the closest intelligible word.
  • So long as no commands are contradictory, input can be as long as needed.
  • Confirmation must usually be given before starting construction of RPC-095-1

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