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Item #: RPC-096

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: In order to locate instances of RPC-096, Geiger Counters and similar devices are to be placed in major cities. A neural network has been trained to detect stories regarding RPC-096 or RPC-096-1 in smaller residential area's newspapers.

In the suspected occurrence of RPC-096, Authority Security will be sent to confirm the instance. Afterward, Authority Security equipped with HazMat suits are to retrieve the instance of RPC-096-1. Once the instance is contained, cover stories are to be published in the afflicted areas explaining the "cause" of any property damage or pandemonium. Direct witnesses of RPC-096 are to be located using local security cameras. If security cameras are not available, broad questioning is to be conducted on nearby residents. Those that are suspected of having viewed RPC-096 are to be interviewed at full-length before being administered amnestics. All direct, non-Authority personnel, witnesses of RPC-096 are to be administered the appropriate class of amnestic.

Once the instance is contained, RPC-096-1 should be transported under a lead blanket to Site-10 and placed inside a Modified Anomalous Object Containment Cell (10m x 10m x 10m). Modifications are to include the following:

  • Post-mortem accommodations
  • Autopsical equipment
  • An operating table
  • A lead-lining covering each wall
  • An airlock containing a hazmat suit
  • A nonanomalous object locker

All RPC-096-1 instances should go under an autopsy. No preservation techniques are to be performed on RPC-096-1 instances in order to not tamper with autopsy results, due to this autopsies are to be performed as soon as possible.

After the results of the autopsy are recorded, the RPC-096-1 instance should be incinerated and the ashes buried. If an organ or body part of RPC-096-1 is of interest, it may be preserved for later research. This body part should be placed in a labeled container inside the nonanomalous object locker in RPC-096-1's chamber.

RPC-096-1's belongings should be inspected during autopsy rather than upon recovery.

Currently, there is no known method of preventing the occurrence of RPC-096.

Description: RPC-096 refers to an uncommon phenomenon in which cadavers, hereby referred to as RPC-096-1, of similar physical conditions will apparate in populous cities. RPC-096 occurs volatilely with instances of RPC-096-1 forming in a negligible1 amount of time regardless of the surroundings; this sporadicity will frequently cause collisions between nearby objects and RPC-096-1 (See Interview RPC-096-01). RPC-096 seems to only typically occur in highly populated areas. RPC-096 seemingly randomly occurs in major cities, with no discernable trend in sites.

RPC-096 has notably been recorded to occur in:

  • New York City
  • Sydney
  • London
  • ███████████
  • Tokyo
  • Istanbul

RPC-096-1 instances have shown great physical variance2 (aside from wounds) from one another. Wounds will occasionally show differences, but will always include burns. All RPC-096-1 instances as of yet have been irradiated. While not necessarily harmful for short-periods of interaction between RPC-096-1, precautions have been taken to protect Authority Staff who will come into contact with RPC-096-1 for longer periods of time.

Under the order of GD-█, the performer of the autopsy is to never be recorded in autopsical reports as well as, unless it is of considerable importance, the location of retrieval.
RPC-096-1 instance Date of formation Autopsical Reports Notes
RPC-096-1-1 1/██/195█ Subject was found to be a Caucasian male, approximately 5█ years old, have a height of █m, and weighed 6█kg. RPC-096-1-1 showed unimportance in belongings, with all pockets being empty except a semi-melted comb. Clothing was blackened but was apparently of low quality. RPC-096-1-1's clothing was burnt onto its skin; removal of clothing caused the removal of the instance's skin. Multiple sores and third-degree burns were found along the instance's body. Charred skin was predominantly present along the instance's hands. Eyes showed signs of minor ███████. The subject had apparently fallen, resulting in a fracture of the skull. All hair had been singed off. Organs showed little of interest aside from a shrunken stomach. N/A
RPC-096-1-2 5/█/197█ Subject was found to be an African female, approximately █ years old, have a height of █m and weighed ██kg. The subject had a pocket version of Psalms, pages had become brittle and broke when attempted to turn. The left half of the subject's body had a patch of blackened cloth, which stuck to the subject's body. The removal of clothing resulted in little damage to the subject's skin. Regardless, the subject still showed major burns and sores along its skin. Eyes showed little of interest. All hair had been singed. Organs showed to be little of importance. Staff performing autopsies on RPC-096-1 instances may request amnestics. ~ GD-█
RPC-096-1-3 6/██/198█ Intriguingly, the subject was found in the small town of ████████ in █████, ████████. The instance was found to be a Caucasian male, approximately 7█ years old, have a height of █.█m, and weighed 7█kg. The subject carried an unrecognized model of a Swiss Army Knife and a photo of a house, the front is labeled "HOMESTEAD." Clothing was of minor value. The subject had minor burns but was covered in ash. Notably, the instance had a tattoo of an unrecognizable flag with text sprawled over it reading "VETERAN OF ████████: 2███-2███." The instance apparently suffered many blows to the abdomen, with █ broken ribs and many signs of internal bleeding. Removal of clothing resulted in no3 damage to the skin of the subject. Hair was still somewhat intact. The eyes were apparently damaged by debris. Organs showed signs of physical trauma, with the lungs being punctured in multiple sites. Further action will be taken if a conflict by the name of ████████ is to take place. ~ GD-█
RPC-096-1-4 4/██/199█ The subject showed signs of severe decay and physical injury, thus accurate recordings of the instance's prior physical information are near-impossible. Instance had no recognizable belongings. The clothing of the subject had been charred and stuck to the skin of the instance. The instance's body was covered in third-degree burns and sores. The hair of the instance was fully burnt off. Organs showed signs of severe physical trauma. Eyes were fully ██████ and had flown out of their sockets. N/A
RPC-096-1-5 8/█/201█ N/A (See Experiment Log 096/053-01)

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