Registered Phenomena Code: 099

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-099 is to be locked in a standard solitary confinement cell, 2mx2.5mx2.5m, with a reinforced steel door. The Cell is to be guarded by two guards armed with assault rifles with shifts of 6 hours each; the guards will shifted to other duties upon the next day. The guards are forbidden to talk with RPC-099 or talk to each other about any subject related to violence, and any attempt at communication or at any attempt of violence to each other other than the standard protocols will be punished with disciplinary action.

RPC-099 is to be fully isolated from any external contact, the exceptions being: Testing, standard feeding, book delivery and/or standard procedure conversation. RPC-099 must be fed with a standard healthy diet, with three or two meals per day at the same intervals one would feed a normal person, the entity has shown symptoms of starvation and dehydration if it isn’t fed properly.

The entity has shown to develop the physiological condition “cabin fever” upon a day of isolation, to avoid this condition, RPC-099 has to be given a book once per month or a Class-D selected at random will be chosen to converse with it once per day for an hour if no books are approved for the month by Protocol ███████. The Class-D has to be instructed to not talk about violence or stuff that happened in their past, if they do so, they will be pulled from the containment chamber and administered disciplinary action.

Any book approved by Protocol ███████ must not be an autobiography, due the effects described below.

Description: RPC-099 hasn’t shown a consistent appearance, and it seems to depend on the perception of the individual. According to various studies via the use of photographs, videos and witnesses, every single appearance is humanoid and looks almost the same like a normal human being, homo sapiens. It is theorized by Dr. [REDACTED] that RPC-099 takes the form of a person the witnesser can see as a someone they can trust and feel safe around, its clothes also change depending on the witnesser. This ability is also shown to affect pictures and videos, making RPC-099’s appearance impossible to define.

RPC-099 is normally quite easygoing and docile, it has been observed talking with itself, reading, sleeping and eating like a normal person. However, it has shown the ability to detect distress via hearing or vision (If it is informed or shown) at any given time or place, even if those events have years apart. When this happens (The group or person in peril will now be referred as RPC-099-1, the attacker, if any, will be now referred as RPC-099-2), RPC-099 will start sweating and suddenly start running to the direction the group of people or RPC-099-1 is/are located; if it can locate RPC-099-1, it will attempt to locate RPC-099-2.

RPC-099 has shown enough strength to break down the steel door of its containment chamber after repeated strikes. It isn’t consistent in how many hits it takes it bring down the door, but in one incident it managed to bring it down in ██ seconds and in another it took around █ solid minutes until it came down.

The documented speeds of RPC-099 have varied from 9.43 meters per second to [REDACTED] meters per second. RPC-099 has shown to be able to keep these speeds from ██ minutes to around █ hours, RPC-099 hasn’t shown signs of build up of lactic acid due to extensive running; it hasn’t yet been tested how fast can it possibly go.

When the RPC is in the vicinity of RPC-099-1 or RPC-099-2. It will start brutally attacking RPC-099-2 or any “obstacle” until RPC-099-2 or “the obstacle” is either incapacitated, crippled or dead. RPC-099 has shown to be incredibly violent in fights, to the point of even [REDACTED] the victim’s body.

After this incident, RPC-099 will attempt to befriend the RPC-099-1 and try to establish a connection between them. After the initial encounter no matter if it is successful or not, RPC-099 will stalk RPC-099-1 for an unknown period of time, so far it hasn’t been a consistent, going as far to stalk RPC-099-1 for 10 [REDACTED]. RPC-099 has no sense of “boundary” during this period of time, they will always try to talk and check if RPC-099-1 is in good condition, to the point of even watching them in their sleep, sneaking on their home/s, following them on the street to protect them from any attack and even trying their food in-case of said food being tainted or poisoned.

If an instance of RPC-099-1 calls out RPC-099-1 on their behavior, RPC-099 will refuse to listen and will keep on doing it for an unknown period of time. A way to sever this connection, is by killing the instance of RPC-099-1, this will cause RPC-099 to suffer a mental breakdown and go into a catatonic state for ██ hours.

RPC-099 seems to remember the people they saved and the situation they were in. It seems to hold even memories back to [REDACTED] years ago. If an instance of RPC-099-1 has died, RPC-099 knows that the instance died and knows the cause of death. According to theories, RPC-099 possibly possess some kind of mental link to RPC-099-1.

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