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RPC-100 before relocation


Item-#: RPC-100

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-100 is to be contained in a standard high-value item containment chamber. Attempts to destroy or capture the object should be heavily prevented as it serves a very valuable purpose for the Authority. Request the project manager for more documentation on containment protocols if necessary.

Description: RPC-100 is an antique, mahogany chair, likely made during the 1900s in South Europe. The chair has the anomalous effect that approximately every 31 hours, a human will instantly be teleported from a random location on Earth into the chair in a seated position. There appears to be no discernible pattern in RPC-100’s measure of choosing a subject, but it may favor more highly dense populations. Subjects teleported will likely have missing limbs, organs or other disfigurements. The chance of severe occurrences of this are roughly 40%.

Any political figures or RPC members of high value are to be sent back to their original location. If said person has experienced any sufficiently severe injuries, they may be kept for use as a disposable test subject. This will likely be decided by the project manager on a case-by-case basis.

Civilians who’ve undergone this anomalous effect, being teleported on to the chair, will usually have a sudden state of terror and confusion. This has been deemed to be a normal reaction and not an anomalous effect of the chair. No long term effects on mental state have been identified, with the exception of cases where a portion of the brain was lost during teleportation. Subjects can also be teleported during sleep, and usually will not wake up after teleportation.

Addendum 1: RPC-100 is currently being used as a sustainable way to untraceably obtain disposable test subjects. Although we still accept test subjects and Volunteers in other forms, RPC-100 may become a more used tool in the future. Research is underway, currently investigating possible ways to replicate the anomaly or increase the speed of the anomaly. Research is also underway in preventing the deterioration of the chair, as the chair is not immune to damage.

Addendum 2: Minor leaks have led to outside groups making light attempts to either destroy or capture RPC-100 for their own use. These attempts have all been thwarted, but it is likely that they will continue and become more intense as we research the object and find more valuable uses for it. Known groups to have made these attempts include [INFO EXPUNGED].

Origin: RPC-100 came into the Authority’s ownership during excursion XG-66 by Task Force ADU, investigating the abandoned Brunswick town in North Carolina. It is unlikely that the object exhibited it’s anomalous property before Task Force ADU’s arrival, as there have not been any reports of that in the town.

Immediately upon entering the room containing RPC-100, a short, Asian man teleported into the chair and began screaming in an undetermined Asian language. The contents of his screaming are unknown as the Task Force unit did not record any audio or visual information. Task Force ADU neutralized the man and promptly escorted RPC-100 to the nearest research and development site. The origin of the chair’s anomalous effect is currently still unknown, but there are heavy ties to the group [INFO EXPUNGED] being the primary source of the anomaly.

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