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Item #: RPC-112

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-112 is to be stored in a 20x20x10cm steel container in Site-05 along with an electromagnetic scrambler. Relocation or testing of RPC-112 must be first approved by assigned researcher Dr. ███████ (B-███). Due to RPC-112 being subject of interest of GOI-███, testing must be approved by lead researcher Dr. ██████████ (A-███) and relocation of RPC-112 is to be escorted by MST-Gamma-1 'Crucifix Chasers' after clearance by local on-site head of security.

Description: RPC-112 refers to three distinct objects: RPC-112-1, RPC-112-2 and RPC-112-3. RPC-112-1 is a silver adorned reliquary containing RPC-112-2 and RPC-112-3. These two objects are both vials containing respectively 20mL and 8mL of human blood. Datation via radioactive isotopes established it to be approximately 1600 years old. The three objects composing RPC-112 can be referred to as a single entity.

RPC-112 was recovered on ██/██/1946 in [REDACTED] Cathedral, Naples (Italy), where it was held as an item of worship by the local population. RPC-112 attracted the attention of the Authority when researchers Dr. █████ and Dr. ████-███████ visited the cathedral during holidays and noted RPC-112 as the source of the heightened state they were in. Object was subsequently retrieved by the authority and replaced with an inert copy with a mix of animal blood and formaldehyde.

RPC-112's anomalous properties manifest when any human comes into a radius of 20m of RPC-112. Subjects caught in RPC-112's sphere of influence will experience a state of total tranquility. Testing has shown that the blood contained within RPC-112-2 and RPC-112-3 emits low-energy electromagnetic waves at a frequency associable with both microwaves and radio waves. How RPC-112 can generate such waves is unknown, albeit a more plausible explanation could be that RPC-112 condenses such radiation to later emit it at a constant rate. Again, no hypothesis has been formulated as to why RPC-112 could generate this phenomenon. Testing on human subjects has shown that RPC-112 interferes with brainwaves associated to anxiety and stress, resulting in general happiness in the subjects involved, as well as increased focus. RPC-112 has shown no side effects to this phenomenon so far. See Experiment Log 112.

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