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Item #: RPC-117

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: Feral instances of RPC-117 are to be housed in small standard animal enclosures; under no circumstances are feral instances of RPC-117 to be allowed contact with each other unless they are being utilized in the selective breeding program or for venom collection. They are to be provided with fresh meat and water twice daily by trained handlers. Trained handlers must have prior experience with venomous reptiles and the safe handling practices utilized in the field.

Instances of RPC-117 coming from our domestication and training program are to be kept as normal house cats by trained handlers. Units with a trained handler attached must keep autoinjectors containing doses of blood thinners and anti-venom on hand in case of an accidental bite. Domesticated instances of RPC-117 may be requested by members with a level 4 or higher clearance and a class A designation as security animals provided they complete the proper imprintation and training program. Specialized RPC-117 handlers may also be trained and assigned at the tactical level for covert operations and security duties utilizing RPC-117 as working animals for security, combat, or threat detection duties.

Description: Instances of RPC-117 resemble ordinary house-cats, however they differ from their non-anomalous counterparts in several key traits. The primary physical difference is a front set of fangs that are in fact hollow and connected to a set of venom glands inside the sinus cavity. These venom glands produce a powerful hemotoxin similar to that of known viper species that causes rapid coagulation of the bite victim’s blood. Coagulated blood quickly builds up in a bite victim’s circulatory system leading to rapid brain damage and organ failure in the victim.

Behaviorally instances of RPC-117 differ from common housecats in two primary manners. The first is a low level telepathy that enables them to determine basic emotional states of their targets such as distress, vulnerability, aggression, and passivity. After testing and experimentation it has been determined that they cannot discern a targets thoughts clearly enough to predict specific action, but instances of RPC-117 can utilize their knowledge of a targets emotional state to react more effectively to the targets most likely actions based upon their current emotional state. RPC-117 can also utilize this telepathic ability for basic communication between individuals, which they utilize to perform highly coordinated attacks. This telepathically enabled group cooperation and communication couples with their highly venomous bite making them more than capable of taking down prey many times their size.

Following an intensive breeding and domestication study it has been determined that RPC-117 possesses usefulness as a working animal. Domesticated instances of RPC-117 can be utilized as an unobtrusive security measure for high ranking Authority staff provided the proper training and imprinting has taken place. In such a case doses of blood thinners and the appropriate anti-venom are required to be carried at all times in the event of an accidental bite. These handlers may be permitted to telepathically command groups of RPC-117 for purposes ranging from perimeter security, VIP escort, covert surveillance and infiltration, assassination, or crisis response against intruders and facility incursions.

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