Registered Phenomena Code: 119

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocol: The site containing the portal to RPC-119's realm is to be kept secure by means of a small remote outpost staffed by a expeditionary security team. Team members are to maintain contact with RPC-119 as well as maintaining the location's secure status. Team members are to be issued with standard Authority small arms, and are expected to maintain all electronic perimeter surveillance in conjunction with regular patrols around the area's perimeter.

Description: RPC-119 is a humanoid entity of average height, clad in armor of approximate Iron Age workmanship, but which does not match any historically known culture’s style of make and appearance. The armor encloses the entirety of the entity's form with a metallic silver mask in place of a face. The mask is typically immobile, but it may shift and remain frozen in the expression of whichever emotion is relevant to the tone of the conversation. RPC-119 exists within a pocket reality in which he is functionally omnipotent that is accessed via a portal hereby designated RPC-119-B. This portal is located within an archway of a partially collapsed ancient ruins at grid coordinates ██████, ██████. RPC-119-B will manifest periodically as a black void between two of the ruins' pillars and will not dissipate until a human has passed through it and established contact with RPC-119. Upon crossing the threshold of RPC-119-B, the individual will find themselves within a landscape of RPC-119's design. These landscapes vary but seem to be used by RPC-119 as backdrops for the conversations he carries with Authority staff. Once the conversation is complete, RPC-119-B will vanish and the individual inside will find themselves back at the site of the ancient ruins unharmed.

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