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Item #: RPC-125

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols:
RPC-125 is to be contained in a secure case only accessible by Level-2 Personnel. No cameras or video recorders should be placed within the case to prevent an accidental glance of RPC-125.

MST-███ "███████" will be deployed if any evidence of RPC-125 is found online, via websites or YouTube.

RPC-125 is an engraved stone slab found in India during the 19th century. RPC-125 contains a language previously unknown to man, but history has shown that villages within the area have spoken the language, and thus are to be referred as RPC-125-A.

When a foreigner1 over the age of ██ attempts to speak and learn the language, they are usually met with migraines and stomach pains, followed by bloating of the Lymphatic System. Exactly 40 hours after the first symptoms, the subject experiences blindness and psychotic episodes. All subjects have reported a humanoid with multiple limbs in their psychotic episodes2.

Usually, after 1 week the subject who attempted to comprehend RPC-125 undergoes extreme depression and will attempt to commit suicide. The subject will usually record themselves and will speak about the language they attempt to learn, usually producing a copy of the slab close-up to the cam-recorder to persuade other organisms to learn RPC-125.

If someone under the age of ██ attempts to speak the language, they go unconscious for approximately 36 hours. Soon after that, the subject will enter cardiac arrest and will be met with death3.

Authority agents requested the locals of RPC-125-A to translate the slab. The locals refused to translate it, stating that they "do not wish to suffer like the men before them".

It is theorized that the content of the stone slab is what affects the reader. Take for example, if it stated "Cardiac Arrest for people below 10" and if someone below 10 attempted to read it, they would enter Cardiac Arrest. This is just a theory after all.
-Senior Researcher ███████

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