Registered Phenomena Code: 128

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-128 is to be contained within a 50x20x25 metre concrete containment chamber in the Terran Alpha sector of the containment wing of Site-002. Motion sensors are to be installed to observe any significant changes in RPC-128's behaviour. No lighting is to be present within the containment chamber, and any direct contact or experimentation with RPC-128 is to be approved by Dr. Maden. RPC-128 has been observed to repeatedly damage the walls of the containment chamber and must be checked to ensure the chamber's integrity isn't weakened on a daily basis. The containment chamber is to be cleaned during these checks. RPC-128 is to be fed 500kg of plant material per day, via robotic drone.

Description: RPC-128 is a biological organism, with a central spheroid body estimated at 16 metres in diameter and possesses a large number of tentacle-like appendages reaching up to 25 metres long. These appendages hold a line of barbs which RPC-128 anchors into floors to pull itself forwards in order to locomote. The body exhibits two main features; multiple circular mouths containing rows of teeth, and four perpetually bloodshot eyes with green irises. RPC-128 has been observed to have multiple hearts, based on recording of its heartbeat. RPC-128 is homeostatic and is capable of a low-level intelligence that is similar to that of a dog. Despite teeth suggesting a carnivorous diet, it has been observed that RPC-128 is a herbivore. Exact numbers and descriptions of the aforementioned features have been difficult to approximate, which is primarily due to the memetic effect caused by RPC-128 and having been retrieved from testimony.

Upon observation, other organisms have shown susceptibility to the memetic effect produced by RPC-128. This effect takes hold immediately and induces panic and terror in the witness. Apart from this effect, RPC-128 causes no permanent damage or anomalous behaviour, other than the lasting impact of the encounter. Images and video of RPC-128 share a similar effect and must be heavily simplified before the effect is purged.

Despite the appearance and memetic influence of RPC-128, the organism shows no intent to deliberately harm others it does not perceive as a threat. Due to previous engagements with both the public and the Authority however, RPC-128 exhibits behaviour similar to that of an abused pet, being extremely shy and quick to attack in self-defence. ‘Playing’ has been observed between RPC-128 and robotic drones sent into its containment chamber. Further attempts to domesticate RPC-128 has been approved by Site Director-█████.


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