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Item #: RPC-130 Level 4/130
Object Class: Neutralized Classified


Image of RPC-130-1 over ████ during containment breach.


Containment Protocols: Canis gévaudan lupus or Gévaudan are to be kept in 10x10x10m enclosures around Site-46's zoological wing. Under no circumstances are staff to walk beyond the secure zone demarcated by a white-line surrounding the barrier glass around the enclosures. To prevent cognitohazardous contamination, automated droids are to carry out tasks such as delivering food or water every 6 hours to ventilation shafts attached to the enclosures. (See Addendum 130.3/Log The Dark Continent.)

Site-47 was built on top of the ruins of Site-46. Its sole objective is to contain all anomalous vocalizations made by floor levels previously belonging to Site-46. It utilizes sound nullifying meta-materials inscribed by HARE Librarians. The walls presenting these signatures are to be maintained daily. If sound emanating from the ruins exceeds 150dB, Authority engineers are to graft acoustic wedge soundproofing made from foam and cement with pre-inscribed Sigrdrífumál1 runes. Further containment procedures are to be deferred to HARE Librarians and Site-47's Director.

The EDDA is to maintain surveillance on Authority media filter channels in order to collect evidence of potential Gévaudan migrations or archived information on RPC-130's incursions. MST-Bravo 46 "Edict of Francia" are tasked with pursuing all suspected sightings of Gévaudan as its primary objective. Affected human populations (and associated Gévaudan) attempting to invoke RPC-130 are to be terminated.

Description: RPC-130 is a vacuum invoked by the worship of Gévaudan2. Permeable reality surrounding RPC-130's perceived dimensions such as organisms and objects will be enveloped by the dimensional anomaly's domain of influence and are rapidly atomized.

An irregularly shaped area designated RPC-130-1 is formed during the preliminary stage of RPC-130. Inflation of the instance beyond 10x10x10m manifests into RPC-130. A composition of sound oscillations ranging from 98dB upward is heard in lieu of enveloped matter. Percussion instruments and discordant acoustics - similar in sound to a carnyx3 - constitute the aforementioned oscillations.

Any human population occupying space within a radius of 10m around a Gévaudan will gradually propagate a generated belief system over several months if undeterred. The members of the religious congregation take heavy influence from a variety of non-Abrahamic cultures and religions existing between 6th century BC-10th century AD. Affected persons invariably gain an eidetic understanding of Lepontic, Brittonic, or Gaulish languages.

Often, inconsistent narratives will override previous extrapolations of RPC-130; thus, attempts at mapping a stable ecosystem with consistent anomalies or geography are still ongoing. The HARE4 have estimated over ██ Indo-European religions have been directly modified or founded by RPC-130 events. The EDDA has filtered and redacted documentation on previously existing landmarks that were affected by RPC-130's manifestation.

Addendum 130.1 / Performances: Abridged list of known performances linked to 67% of all RPC-130 occurrences tracked by EDDA. (Note: Some archived are of reenactments of RPC-130 performances that were done at Site-46: Choir & Orchestra Unit for testing purposes.)


Image capture of Canis gévaudan lupus.

Addendum 130.2 / Discovery: Only several of the near-extinct species of Gévaudans have been preserved by Authority zoologists in Site-46. The Gévaudans were discovered roaming near the town of ██████, France in 19██ by members of the Canis Lupus Anthropological Institution. Authority agents were contacted and dispatched after ██████ lost 97% of its population and all accounted households. Only stray floorboards, stubble belonging to wooden and tungsten material, and exposed pipes were left behind. High-ranking members of the aforementioned institution would later establish the foundations for the HARE branch. Their key insights on the Beast of Gévaudan folklore proved vital for studies in Indo-European occultism.

The HARE along with Authority quantitative data analysts have since constructed EDDA9 in order to bridge the gap between thaumaturgy and known history. Dissection of living populations found in Site-46 is prohibited due to their scarcity and unknown threat forecasts detected by EDDA. The HARE's investigations alongside amenable or low-level GoIs; the Late-Prussian Order of The Esoteric, the Under Society of Fíor Cliath, and the Anthropological Society of New Canaan, has conclusively deduced that the animals themselves show no signs of anomalous behavior.

Their migratory habits suggest populations frequently interbreed with Eurasian, Timber, Apennine and Iberian wolves.10 Thus, information alluding to their existence has often been inconclusive or highly suspect. The Gévaudan fossil records radioisotopically date back to as early as the Middle Pleistocene11.

Addendum 130.3 / The Dark Continent logs:

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