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Item #: RPC-132

Object Class: Alpha Beta

Containment Protocols: Media propaganda initiative “Tea Leaves” is to be iterated and deployed by embedded agents in all major media networks in the United Kingdom. Agents must deploy at least four daily Addams-Meywether Subliminal Memetic Payloads. For information on the “Tea Leaves” initiative, see Secure Document #132. Due to the overwhelming success of the “Tea Leaves” initiative, this RPC is to be classed as Alpha. (See Addendum 132-4.)

While manifestation sites of RPC-132 have so far only been confirmed in the United Kingdom, all Authority staff are to immediately report to their superiors if they come across any instances of RPC-132 outside of the United Kingdom. Due to Authority efforts every other country around the globe recognises RPC-132 as contraband, and should be treated as such. Media propaganda initiatives based on the “Tea Leaves” initiative are ready to deploy in each country should the need arise.

In the rare occurrence of an instance of RPC-132-1 manifesting, Authority agents must engage and terminate the RPC-132-1 on sight, and incinerate the corpse. All instances of RPC-132-1 must be pursued and terminated no matter the cost. Under no circumstances should Authority personnel pursue RPC-132-1 instances into any kind of tunnel system. This includes, but is not limited to: sewers, storm drains, subways, and metro networks. (See Addendum 132-1.)

Any non-Authority witnesses to any instance of RPC-132-1 are to be detained at Site 19 until amnestics can be administered and a suitable cover story implanted, if necessary.

Description: RPC-132 is a brand of instant coffee powder contained within a 32.7 x 24.3 x 19.7 cm rectangular glass container, holding almost exactly 200g of RPC-132 powder, topped by a red plastic cap. The glass container is emblazoned with a distinctive logo of a large cartoon rodent that makes it easily recognisable.1
The first known instance of RPC-132 was secured by Authority agents on the 8th of August 189█, from the family run convenience store located on the corner of ███████ street in Finsbury, London.

RPC-132 anomalously materialises onto the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores all over the United Kingdom. Manifestation events happen every 8 hours, however the exact store (and shelf) RPC-132 materialises at has been concluded as ‘entirely random’. Between 3 to ██ instances of RPC-132 will materialise each time, and will neatly fit onto a shelf as if put there by hand. CCTV footage from before and after materialisation, shows that other products on the shelves are moved to make room for RPC-132 instances, however the other products are left neatly arranged with their labels facing forward as normal.
Materialisation is instantaneous, and all CCTV footage has been unable to give any useful data. One frame RPC-132 is not present then the very next frame it is.

When questioned, no member of staff from any store has any memory of ordering, receiving, or placing RPC-132 on their shelves. Testing performed on staff, recording equipment, and the building at multiple manifestation sites has found no other anomalous properties or activity of any kind.

The anomalous properties of RPC-132 appear after an organic entity consumes the powder in some way. RPC-132 can be ingested in its powdered form, or mixed with liquid. The effects remain the same. Any organic entity that ingests any amount of RPC-132 is immediately and irrecoverably considered a Stage 1 RPC-132-1 instance.

Upon ingestion, subjects (henceforth Stage 1 RPC-132-1s) will exhibit no abnormal properties or behaviour for the first 24 hours. However after the first 24 hours have passed Stage 1 RPC-132-1s will enter Stage 2, where they become photosensitive, skittish, and more rodent-like in their mannerisms and overall behaviour. The speed of this change is dependent on the total amount of RPC-132 consumed by the Stage 1 RPC-132-1 in the first 24 hours, although all Stage 1 RPC-132-1s will aggressively refuse to consume any more RPC-132 after exactly 24 hours from first consumption.2

48 hours after initial consumption all RPC-132-1s will enter the 3rd and final Stage. In this Stage, RPC-132-1’s become frantic and aggressive, and will attempt to reach the nearest sewer system, subway system, or any other tunnel-like system, to the exclusion of any other goal, including self preservation actions such as eating, drinking, or sleeping. Stage 3 RPC-132-1 become extremely hazardous as they show signs of reduced cognitive functions, increased physical strength, increased speed, and increased resistance to trauma. All attempts to communicate with human Stage 3 RPC-132-1’s have ended in failure. Either they do not understand, or they ignore the attempts to communicate.

All attempts to halt or reverse the progression of RPC-132-1 stages has met with failure, however testing is ongoing. Long term containment and testing is currently impossible due to Stage 3 RPC-132-1’s refusal to eat or drink to sustain themselves, however they will survive for 7 days on average upon reaching Stage 3. (See Addendum 132-3)

Post-mortem autopsies report no changes to any biological structures or systems of RPC-132-1s. How RPC-132 affects behaviours of Stage 2 and Stage 3 RPC-132-1s is unknown. How Stage 3 RPC-132-1s gain their increased physical abilities is also unknown.

Addendum 132-1: Due to the events of Incident 132-62, the containment procedures of RPC-132 have been updated. For more information, see Incident Report 132-62.

Addendum 132-2: Analysis of the 3.5 minute tracking beacon pulse patterns received during Incident 132-62 have concluded that the beacon was not malfunctioning, and were actually Morse Code. Upon deciphering the patterns research staff found that the beacon had repeated the following message 6 and a half times before abruptly ceasing:


Addendum 132-3: Based on events of Incident 132-183, all further testing and experiments with RPC-132 on organic subjects are immediately placed on hold pending Level 4 review.

Addendum 132-4: RPC-132 has been reclassified as a Beta by the Global Directors, due to events and possible outcomes of Incident 132-241.

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