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Item #: RPC-139

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: The area around RPC-139 is to be patrolled daily by Authority Navy disguised as part of the Australian Navy Force. RPC-139 has been hidden to the public as a sealife reserve spot. 5 hours before midnight, civilian boats or ships of any kind are not allowed to be inside RPC-139. The outline of RPC-139 is to be marked with red buoys. Entrance to RPC-139 is currently prohibited.

Description: RPC-139 is a circular ~10.87km2 wide zone located at the Great Australian Bight. RPC-139's zone posses no anomalous properties except Event 139-Alpha. Event 139-Alpha occurs when any ship or boat enters RPC-139 and waits until midnight. Ships inside RPC-139 while Event 139-Alpha is activated will be teletransported to a pocket dimension (hereby called RPC-139-A). There is no known way to exit RPC-139-A. RPC-139-A consists of an seemingly infinite sea1, containing different iterations of the island of Australia and Tasmania. These iterations are referred to as AUS-XXX. There are currently 13 iterations explored. RPC-139-A also follows day-night cycles accuarate to the time in the Australia Time Zone.

Discovery: RPC-139 was found when reports of missing ships were reported in the Australian Bight. When Authority vessels arrived to RPC-139, many dissapeard due to it being near midnight hours. GPS tracking beacons inside Authority vessels were lost, which lead to the area being investigated.

Addendum 139-1: When returning to RPC-139, Vessel 139-1 encountered a large fishing ship5. The ship was highly corroded, and leaking an unidentified black substance. Crewmembers reported various metal noises and red lights below the sea. The ship chased Vessel 139-1 until it rammed into Vessel 139-1. All signals and video footage of the cameras inside Vessel 139-1 were cut. Rescue Mission for Vessel 139-1 is currently waiting approval Rescue Mission for Vessel 139-1 has been approved. Vessel 139-2 is currently missing.

The following is the audio log of Operation "Noise":

Addendum 139-2: On the date ██/██/2016, the audio feed of Vessel 139-2 had regained contact for ██ hours. Audio from Vessel-139-2 consisted of wet and metallic noises, and an unknown entity talking. Due to the threats made by the entity, it has been proposed by various researchers, and some members of The Board to update RPC-139 to Gamma. Said proposal is currently awaiting approval.

The file below contains a recording of the audio feed:

Addendum 139-3: On the date ██/██/2018, Vessel 139-2 had regained contact. With only Camera 19 functioning. A single static image was sent by Vessel 139-2, the cause for this anomaly is unknown. Viewers report an eye in the image, but scans show that there is no such thing. Image is currently archived in Head Researcher Rona Hertz's computer and in this file.

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