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Item #: RPC-150

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: Every instance of RPC-150 is to be stored in a USB flash-drive, placed in a secure locker. Authority specialists has been creating a bot, designated as Beta-29 that is designed for the purpose of removing any instances of RPC-150. Mass-spreading of anti-meme to the Authority network has is to be conducted for the purpose of counteracting the anomalous effects of RPC-150-1. Any known subject affected by RPC-150-1 are to be engaged with proper engagement protocol if possible (Refer to Addendum 150-A) with assistance or knowledge of psychology, before and after engaging the subject. An Investigation is ongoing for the intent of finding the source of the video.

Description: RPC-150 is a collection of animations in English spreading on the Internet through video-sharing platform, social media, and online forums. All instance of RPC-150 has the similarity of the animation's plot, including a childhood experience to lie about different things. Thus, the subject would be caught lying and ostracized or punished. The subject would show a great remorse for their action. The animation ends with a conclusion, informing the audience to not be a liar. There is no information about the source of the video except for the uploader's username that contains the word "Ryan". There is currently no known different forms for RPC-150 or another new instance of RPC-150.

The anomalous property of RPC-150 is a meme that occurs when subject has fully watched one of RPC-150 instances. This effect, henceforth referred as RPC-150-1 has a 68% to affect the subject1, with the chance being 100% on subject with the track record of fraud and public deception or subject with the reputation as 'liar'. Once the subject has been affected by RPC-150-1, it will fell asleep almost immediately, with the approximated time of sleep ranges from 10 to 17 hours, and all attempt of interrupting the subject's sleep has been failed. After waking up, the subject does not have any physical changes, except for the fact that the subject starts lying to any question that tends to be unfavorable for the subject condition if the real answer is told. In one case, a Class-D would lie about their actual identity, trying to escape the facility. It is also known that the subject could pass detection from lie-detection device.

Effects of RPC-150-1 could be ceased with several engagement protocols (See Addendum 150-B for more details). Upon the cessation of this effect, subject would isolate themselves and start sleeping for approximately 10 to 17 hours. After waking up from their sleep, subject would start crying and sobbing, showing a great amount of sadness and grief. After that, the subject would apologize to person lied by subject. All D-Class that were affected by RPC-150-1 proven to be more loyal and warm-hearted, compared to pre-150-1. Usage of RPC-150-1 has been proposed to newly assigned Class-D. However, this plan has been postponed following Incident 150-1 (See Addendum 150-A).

RPC-150 was discovered after an online forum discussion on ██████.com about an experience involving RPC-150. It is also known that similar discussion about RPC-150 also appeared at another online forum. Further investigations about the nature of RPC-150 had concluded in the containment of RPC-150.

Addendum 150-A: Engagement Protocol: There are several different procedures that could be done by personnel with the result is the cessation of RPC-150-1 effect, including:

  • Psychological punishment involving their action to the subject.
  • Counseling to the subject by the mean of halting subject's act.
  • Seclusion of the subject with limited to no social contact allowed for 3 days.
  • Religious preaching about lying and liar by a religious scholar corresponding with subject's religion.
  • Scolding subject, pointing out their action to an extent of swearing or intimidation.

Addendum 150-B: Incident 150-1: D-1302 is a 29-year-old convict guilty of fraud with mild depression. After a testing using proper engagement protocol with RPC-150-1, D-1302 shows no sudden change of behavior. D-1302 was known to be crying for a short time after waking up. However, after 6 hours of silence, guards opened D-1302 cells and find out that D-1302 has committed suicide by hanging himself with a makeshift rope. 2 months after D-1302 suicide, he is followed by D-1219 stabbing herself with a knife from the cafeteria kitchen and D-2964 that stole a handgun from nearby guard and shot himself with the gun. An investigation is conducted with the result is that subject that was affected by RPC-150-1 is more prone to depression and suicidal thoughts almost immediately. Following this incident, any further experiment involving RPC-150 is to be supervised by at least one Level-2 personnel with a background in psychology.

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