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RPC-154 (Picture Taken in ███ Thrift Store.)

Item #: RPC-154

Object Class: Alpha

Transferal Log: Information of RPC-154's existence reached the Authority after rumor of a "magical business suit" was overheard by a member of MST-Quebec 04 "Crowd Control" during an unrelated mission. Shortly after MST-Quebec 05 "Auctioneer Hawk" was dispatched and attempted to purchase RPC-154 for $██,███ USD. Just before the purchase was finalized, a member of an unknown group (Now identified as Le Grandi Mele) approached the cashier, offering him $███,███ for ownership of RPC-154 instead.

Description: RPC-154 is a full velvet business suit, including business pants, a black suit jacket, a white collar shirt, spotless business shoes, and a black velvet tie. The suit seems to fit a man who wears a 40R suit, though it was claimed to fit anyone by the cashier at ████ Thrift Store.

RPC-154's anomalous properties manifest when it is worn. RPC-154 will immediately optimize the appearance of the wearer, such as cleanly shaving their facial hair, washing their face and hands, and giving a general appearance of youth. People around RPC-154's wearer will begin to treat them with seemingly unconditional respect and kindness. If anyone within 8m of RPC-154's wearer attempts to disrespect or insult the wearer, they will instead vomit, then begin to experience symptoms such as coughing, dizziness, fever, chronic skin pain, and vomiting. At some point between three days and two weeks later, the person’s (now referred to as RPC-154-1) skin will slowly begin to disconnect from their muscle and fall off their body, causing RPC-154-1 to eventually bleed to death after enough skin has been lost.

Addendum 1: The cashier at ████ Thrift Store was aware of RPC-154's anomalous properties, and was administered Class A amnestics after transferal of RPC-154. The store was shut down under cover of a police raid. All stocked goods have been confiscated by the Authority and were sent to Site-██ for study.

Addendum 2: All anomalous properties present in RPC-154 are currently unknown due to the abnormally short amount of time that the Authority had possession of RPC-154. Due to the current standing of RPC-154's containment, testing and attempts at retrieval have been denied by 05 Command.

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