Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-156

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-156 is to be contained in a large, reinforced vivarium with artificially simulated sunlight and a room temperature modulation equal to the seasonal changes of the jungles of South East Asia. RPC-156's containment is to be regularly resupplied with a number of insect, arachnid, avian and mammalian small prey animals for RPC-156 to stalk and hunt.

RPC-156 is to have limited human contact outside of experimentation with exceptions to authorized personnel RPC-156 has either bonded with, or which it tolerates proximity towards. Due to the unique genetic research potential of RPC-156, dissection or other experimentation which poses risk to the life of RPC-156 is forbidden without explicit level five authorization.

Description: RPC-156 is a heretofore unknown species of the genus Draco, a genus of Agamid lizards otherwise known as flying dragons. Most known species of flying lizards of this genus are found in the jungles of South-East Asia. The subject deviates from most species in its genus in many notable ways, not least of which is its size.

The subject possesses an unusually elongated neck with two long noticeable lumps along each side of the neck speculated to contain chemical glands with which the subject uses to initiate its fire breathing. In addition it possesses wings that have separated from the forelegs of the lizard and grown into a pair of separate limbs joined below the scapulae of the creature it is able to operate independently of its legs. Subject's wings are over 1.3 metres in length and capable of sustaining flight for the creature. With its wings enclosed to its sides, the subject is over 1.82 metres in length and 0.15 metres wide in width, though most of this length are its neck and elongated, weaponized tail, which is covered in small barbs which it has been observed to use in hunting and defence. Subject's head is protected by a brow ridge that extends to the back of the head into two small 'horns', subject's scales are light blue in colouration.

Subject has been observed to 'click' its tongue against an area of the interior of its mouth as its spits unknown chemicals from its neck glands at a rate of 500 metres per hour, allowing it to propel the flammable mixture a safe distance from the subject's head. The tip of its tongue consists of sharp scale which creates sparks against the top of subject's mouth, catching the chemical mixture alight as it expels it, allowing the subject to breathe fire at threats or prey. The fire is not immediately dangerous without prolonged exposure and seems to be more of a threat display than an immediate fire hazard. It is suspected the hardened scales on the head of the subject and other features, such as carapace like membrane that encloses its eyes insulate the brain and eyes from prolonged heat exposure.

Chemicals recovered from the glands are under analysis but already have provided several useful applications, not least of which is the formation of unique compounds and acids for use in experimental pharmaceuticals. Authorization for further experimentation and chemical synthesis has been granted.

Addendum: Circumstances surrounding the recovery of RPC-156 present great interest to the Authority with regards to RPC-156's creation. A one, Dr. Brian ██████████ is suspected to be its original creator according to recovered documents at ██████ Ireland. According to these documents, Dr. Brian was funded by an unknown POI who he refers to as 'The Philosopher' (Capitalization his), as a part of a bet that he could not create a dragon without 'The Art'. Dr. Brian seems to have won the bet and RPC-156 is the result of his efforts, the implication being that RPC-156's creation was somehow not anomalous in nature. This is disputed by several Authority biologists who insist the subject's genetic structure could not have been grafted naturally, however, evidence present at site of recovery implies otherwise. The implication that RPC-156 is a result of genetic engineering via animal husbandry with generations within a human lifespan, rather than anomalous means threatens to undermine much of the assumed orthodoxy in biological sciences and requires the containing of RPC-156 until more is understood of its nature. As such further research of RPC-156, obtaining of potential additional RPC-156 instances and if at all possible apprehension of Dr. Brian ██████████ is to be considered a priority of the Authority.

The site of recovery was a vast complex of ramshackle, underground laboratories and vivariums. Various artificial environments had been created and sealed off from one another, each environment specified for the various species of Genus Draco. As of current count, this includes 7 additional unknown species of Genus Draco which seem to be the result of cross breeding, breeding for size and other traits in alternate environments and climates. As of yet none of the species found at the site seem to resemble the subject, suggesting there are several more species created from this breeding program which bridge the links between the non-anomalous members of Genus Draco and RPC-156 that are somehow missing. Given an entire section of the site has collapsed burying an unknown number of further laboratories and habitats, this seems likely.

It is unknown how Dr Brian constructed the site entirely in isolation and without any apparent assistance as well as without drawing the attention of the nearby village. However, the site's ramshackle construction as well as the seemingly ad hoc nature of the site's components and fixtures, further the theory he had build the complex by himself over a period of 57 years. As of yet there has been 1430 members of the Genus Draco, from both known and unknown species recovered from the site and are undergoing testing for anomalous properties.

Recovered Documents

Written on the margins of a discarded paper torn from an encyclopedia
-he bet me I couldn't do it, he bet me my life. I took him up on that offer, I saw it, I swear
I saw it. I can do this, I don't need the Art, not for this, I'll show him, I'll bridge the gap
between our worlds. Manage to convince the fool to foot the costs of my research, but
the rest is up to me. All I have is a shovel and time… But time is all I need.

Torn from a record of experimentation, a partial diagram of Draco volans visible
Another failure, this time from a break in the environment, subjects froze to death over
winter. He visited again today, the smiling, bearded fool, asked me how I was getting along.
I told him science takes its own time, which made him laugh, he produced more gold for me
to work with. It just about killed me getting the connections needed to sell it without
drawing attention. But at least I have a steady supply of subjects. Monitor lizards were a
bust but these little things from Asia show some real promise.

Torn page from Dr. Brian's Journal, mostly illegible, chemical formulae litter the page
I am really getting somewhere now! This is so exciting! Results from the cross breeding
have been better than expected! I now have a wider genetic pool to work with. Now if I
can only begin diversifying the breeds I can make real strides towards my goal, project
Galapagos will be my crowning achievement!

Clipboard mostly containing complex equations and illegible scribbling
Its done. I've finally done it. My creation, my beautiful Lovetia, first of her kind, so
beautiful and so red. It took me my life, I'm an old man now. I spent so much time
but it was worth it.
The Philosopher came again, I showed him my work, I won his bet. I did not expect
him to laugh, let alone hug me. He presented me with the elixir, I could feel my strength
returning as I drank, my reward for bridging our worlds he had said. He couldn't
wait to see what I did next and gave me the key. I had been accepted. I never had
really respected his work before but after Lovetia…

Hastily written on a journal page, dried blood scattered on the page
They're here, bloody obscurantists! They found out about me, I only got the Philosopher's
warning an hour before they kicked in the door and ransacked my house looking for the
entrance. One of them shot me, but its not too bad, I don't think, I managed to get them
out, all of them I think. Whoever finds this, I hope you're better men than they, know I
only sought to further mankind's scientific understanding, to bridge the world of the real
and the fantastic, to look at what is and dare to imagine what might be! I must go now,
I have collapsed the facility on them but cannot guarantee they won't find the other
entrances, I can only hope I have not forgotten any of them. Please, please look after
them, these animals are the start of something great, I know it!

As of testing, RPC-156 is biologically male and does not resemble the creature referred to as Lovetia in recovered documents.

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