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RPC-161 prior to containment

Item #: RPC-161

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-161 is to be held in a room measuring 25m x 25m x 25m at Site-02, every surface within this room must be lined with lights capable of producing at minimum 2000 lumens. Lights must be inspected regularly, and should any malfunction, they are to be replaced immediately. Lights within RPC-161's containment must remain on at all times, and no less than three separate backup power supplies are to be maintained.

Description: RPC-161 is a plaster and wire statue of a three-headed dragon, built in [REDACTED], Russia. Originally capable of breathing fire using pyrotechnic devices inside it's heads, this fuction was disabled during relocation and containment. The statue developed anomalous properties on 13/03/██, causing it's shadow to destroy objects that enter it. Energy that would be released by combustion instead vanishes, and objects that only partially enter the shadow are shown to have black markings along the edge where they made contact with the shadow's area. Tests have shown that RPC-161 will destroy any material that makes contact with it, including the ground it is resting on, regardless of the composition of that material. Living beings that make contact with the shadow of RPC-161 report no pain despite partial destruction, instead claiming they feel a cold numbness where their body parts have been destroyed. The black markings made on living tissue at the edge of erased areas is noted to be completely necrotic. Shadows created by the statue that fall upon the body of RPC-161 itself do not damage it in any way.

Addendum: Investigation into the cause of RPC-161's anomalous properties is ongoing.
Update - 18/07/██: A recording of an event hosted by known members of Church of Malthus was uncovered, detailing a ritual taking place near the original location of RPC-161, the night prior to the first report of it's destructive ability. It's purpose is unknown at this time, but appears to have been an attempt to destroy the park it was recovered from, and kill civilians.

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