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Item #: RPC-177

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-177 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. No additional containment measures are necessary. RPC-177 is to be held within a 5x5x5 meter Reinforced Humanoid Containment Cell, with access to food and water every 12 hours. All surveillance of the object must be conducted via infrared motion tracking devices to avoid a containment breach. Under no circumstances are any personnel to come within direct visual contact of RPC-177 without the entity’s prior knowledge. Any personnel who view RPC-177 must evacuate to a range of 30 meters from the entity’s location to avoid triggering RPC-177’s anomalous effect. RPC-177 is to be provided with a selection of literature for the purpose of maintaining consistent behavior.

Description: RPC-177 is a 19 year old Caucasian adult male originating from Liverpool, United Kingdom. The entity measures 155cm in height and weighing approximately 77 kilograms. RPC-177’s anomalous properties allow the entity to memetically influence the operation of the human body upon making visual contact. Upon making unexpected visual contact, RPC-177 will enter a panicked state and its anomalous effect will begin to manifest.

Upon viewing the entity, RPC-177 will become visibly distressed and begin to pace within its cell. If RPC-177 cannot be calmed, all staff within 15 meters of the entity’s containment cell are to be evacuated and on-site security are to be alerted. Once RPC-177’s anomalous effect has been triggered, the entity will turn and stare in the direction of the person(s) who startled it, beginning to vocalize a sound measuring at ██decibels. The sound generated by RPC-177 is considered a memetic hazard, causing the effected individual to go through a loss of bodily control, whilst being controlled by RPC-177 via unknown means. RPC-177 has been known to use this state of control to exert violence upon personnel, specifically via means of spontaneous termination of non-critical bodily functions and self-inflicted lacerations to the skin. Although recordings do exist of RPC-177's vocalizations, the memetic effects only manifest when vocalized from the entity.

Provided that the individual who triggered the entity’s anomalous effect has been evacuated from the vicinity, RPC-177 will fall unconscious for a undetermined period, before returning to its normal behavior once regaining consciousness. If the individual responsible for the triggering of RPC-177’s anomalous effect has not evacuated to at least 30 meters, and the target is still within immediate view, RPC-177 will begin to emit its vocalization. If the target is not within immediate view of the entity, it will become dormant until the target returns. Upon the return of the target, RPC-177 will become visibly distressed and begin inflicting harm upon itself for approximately 5 minutes, before entering a dormant state for a period of 48 hours. Normal behavior shall resume after this period.

RPC-177 is generally co-operative with Authority personnel, although has a desire to escape. Any changes to its usual behavior is to be immediately reported to Dr. ██████ and additional security personnel are to be placed on guard at least 15 meters from RPC-177’s containment cell. In rare circumstances, RPC-177 will enter its anomalous state without prior provocation. No personnel are to attempt to interact with RPC-177 in these circumstances. Once the entity has calmed, RPC-177 will become dormant for a period of approximately 48 hours, and will return to its normal behavior after this period has passed.

Discovery: On November 24th, 1981, RPC-177 was arrested in Manchester, England by the Greater Manchester Police on suspicion of manslaughter. Authority agents arriving at the location of the incident reported 5 deceased males, with no visible damage to the bodies. During the trial, despite a lengthy investigation by the local authority, no verdict could be made regarding the incident, however RPC-177 pleaded guilty. During the autopsy of the bodies of the victims, no cause of death could be determined, and RPC-177 was transferred to Authority custody. On November 30th, undercover agents working for an Authority front under the name “SecureX Group” moved the entity to a secure location, and on December 3rd RPC-177 arrived at Site-22. Local authorities were informed that RPC-177 was being transferred to a maximum-security prison in Lancaster, England.

Testing Log 177-01A

Foreword: Attempting to recreate the conditions of RPC-177’s discovery to find the extent of its anomalous abilities. 4 D-Class personnel were sent into the chamber and asked to draw the attention of RPC-177

Begin Log RPC-177-01, 16/02/1982 11:22AM

Agent Fields: Please enter the containment chamber and await further instructions.

The four D-Class enter the chamber followed by the containment door closing behind them

D-17702: Jesus, this place reeks.

RPC-177 turns in the direction of D-17702 and begins pace within its cell.

D-17702: Woah what the fuck man, the hell are you doing?

RPC-177: You.. Who are you??? Get the fuck away from me!

D-17702: Yo doc, I don’t think this is sa-**

RPC-177 begins to emit its vocalizations, causing D-17702 to cease all signs of sentient control. RPC-177 then proceeds to use D-17702 to shatter the rib cages of 2 remaining D-Class.

D-17704: Holy shit! Get this bastard off of him! He’s gonna fucking di-

Site security are seen bursting into the room, sedating RPC-177 and terminating D-17702. D-17704 is removed from the containment chamber.

End Log 16/02/1982 11:38AM

Incident Report 177-01A On February 16th 1982, During a routine test of the entity’s anomalous effects, RPC-177 was startled by D-17702, which caused it to enter a rage-state. Following the deaths of 2 D-Class personnel, site security was called to sedate the entity, followed by the termination of D-17702. Though RPC-177 managed to cause significant harm to several guards who were stationed outside of its containment cell, RPC-177 was sedated via tranquilizer darts without incident. All further tests involving D-Class have been temporarily discontinued by order of Site Director Johnson

Addendum RPC-177-01B: In light of the events of Incident-177-01A, Under Authority review, RPC-177 is now to be alerted via communications relay within the entity’s cell as to when personnel would be coming into direct contact with it. During the initial testing of the intercom system, an exchange was had between RPC-177 and Technician ██████.

<Begin Log, 17/11/1982>

Technician ██████: Okay, testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

RPC-177: H-Hello?!?

Technician ██████: Yes, He- *gasps*

RPC-177: Where the hell are you?! Reveal yourself, Spectre!

Technician ██████: I- Security! Get me a proper recording device, the thing spoke, and it wasn't startled!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Not long after the encounter, additional personnel were summoned and an official interview was organized.

Addendum RPC-177-02: On ██/██/1983 during an interview with the subject, it was discovered that RPC-177’s memetic properties are activated upon the entities command. The entity has been noted as being capable of using its abilities as a defensive and offensive mechanism.

The following is a transcript of the interview between Dr. Alexander and RPC-177

Interview Log 177-01, Interview Date: ██/██/1983, Interview starting time, 2:33PM.

Interviewed: RPC-177

Interviewer: Dr. James Alexander

<Begin Log, 14:33PM>

Dr. Alexander: Good Afternoon, RPC-177.

RPC-177: ‘Afternoon, doc. I trust you are doing well?

Dr. Alexander: Quite. I have a few questions I would like to ask you, please answer in as much detail as you can.

RPC-177: Of course, ask away.

Dr. Alexander: Right then, firstly, when did your anomalous abilities manifest?

RPC-177: As far as I am aware doctor, I have had my “abilities”, if you will, since I was a young lad.

Dr. Alexander: I see. And when and where were you born?

RPC-177: ██████████, 1964, sir. I was born in Liverpool, England.

Dr. Alexander: Thank you. Can you tell me exactly what happens when your “ability” is active?

RPC-177: When I chose to use it, it… I dunno, kinda just happens. It’s like when you really hate someone, and you picture them exploding before your eyes, if you’ve ever had such a thought. You guys don’t exactly help, surprising me with your presence all the time.

Dr. Alexander: I can’t say that I have. Can you go into more detail about the process of your abilities activation?

RPC-177: Even I don’t know how it works, doc, it just works.

Dr. Alexander: Right. Pray tell, RPC-177, do you have a desire for freedom from this place?

RPC-177: Are you kidding me? who wouldn't wanna escape a shithole like this? I was living a happy and peaceful life untill you fuckers turned up and brought me here.

Dr. Alexander: I… Wouldn't exactly call your previous lifestyle "peaceful", you murdered 5 people in cold blood.

RPC-177: Cold blood?!? They tried to fucking kill me! If you wanna see cold blood, i'll show you fucking cold blood!

RPC-177 is seen emitting its vocalization, forcing Dr. Alexander to viciously assault a site security agent within the containment chamber. RPC-177 is shot several times with tranquilizing ammunition before he is sedated. Dr. Alexander is restrained and evacuated from the area.

<End Log, 14:42PM>

Closing Statement: RPC-177 has proven to be cooperative with Authority personnel to an extent, although will react with hostility when provoked. Upon discovering RPC-177's desire to escape, containment protocols have been updated to accommodate for this.

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