Registered Phenomena Code: 178

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-178-1 is to be stored in a 21 cm x 15.5 cm x 7.5 cm combination-lock case within an Alpha-level storage locker at Site-18 when not under use for testing. Level 2 clearance or higher with Level 3 or higher staff approval is required to access and test RPC-178-1. When not in use RPC-178-1 is to be turned off and the surface is to be kept clear of any items or debris.

Note Dr. ████: As of 14 August 20██ absolutely no biological creatures or autonomous creatures capable of being measured on RPC-178-1 are to be tested on it. (see Test Log #2- 178 for more information)

Description: RPC-178-1 is an electronic laboratory scale produced by ████████. When the company was questioned on the manufacturing history of RPC-178-1, ████████ was unable to find any record of RPC-178-1's serial number in its model's production history. Due to this, it is unknown how RPC-178-1 came into ██████ University's possession. Inventory records from ██████ University indicate that RPC-178-1 has been in their possession since ██/██/19██.

The measuring platform on RPC-178-1 exhibits minor wear consistent with use over time. During RPC-178-1’s use, the Unit, Print, Percent and Limit buttons became inoperable, leaving the ON/OFF button the only usable button. It is theorized that these buttons were broken shortly before its discovery by The Authority. How the buttons were broken is under investigation, given the lack of serious damage to the rest of RPC-178-1.

RPC-178-1’s anomalous properties manifest on objects weighing from .01 milligrams to 2500 grams that are placed on the scale platform for ten (10) seconds, the amount of time required for RPC-178-1 to calculate the weight of the placed object.

Upon removal of the object hereby referred to as RPC-178-2, the mass of RPC-178-2 is increased anywhere from ten (10) to one-thousand (1000) times its current mass. In addition, the kinetic energy of RPC-178-2 is also increased proportionally to the speed at which RPC-178-2 is dropped or thrown, leading to any object capable of being measured on RPC-178-2 becoming potentially dangerous projectiles. How RPC-178-1 is able to manipulate the density and energy of an object without changing its composition is currently under investigation.

When held by the subject who placed RPC-178-2 on RPC-178-1, the subject will feel no difference in RPC-178-2. However, the moment that RPC-178-2 comes in contact with any surface other than the original subject or RPC-178-1 will RPC-178-2’s new properties become apparent.

Discovery 01 May 20██: RPC-178-1 was recovered in [REDACTED], Florida after ██ floors in the ███ building at the ██████ University collapsed under the weight of a dropped Pipette that had been measured by RPC-178-1, resulting in ██ casualties.

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